The American people are complicit in the coming police state


This is the article I’m replying to, as well as the initial quotation.

“So the question is how much money is being spent to promote each of the competing belief systems.”

Billions are spent to promote corporate and ruling class propaganda. Billions more are spent to “educate” children in ruling class “truths” and values. Millions are spent to promote truth. It’s no wonder that truth itself is under attack and in jeopardy of becoming extinct (at least within American culture, which is a kind of global ruling class culture).

A Dark Ages of the future will rise when truth becomes extinct within the ruling class.

Capitalist – “A simple question here – what’s more profitable – truth or propaganda? Don’t my shareholders deserve the best?”

When truth is seen as “just another ideology” humanity is in great peril. Perhaps it already is.

Articles like this one from Drolette are unfortunate, because they assume the bumper-stickered military man is ignorant. In truth he’s merely following his own interests – he accepts the imperial propaganda because he’s an imperialist. Truth has nothing to do with it. It’s not the bumper-stickered man who’s ignorant – it’s Drolette who clings to the comforting belief that if only the military man would “see the light” he would change his beliefs.

This type of ignorance is likewise reflected in Thomas Frank’s “What’s the Matter With Kansas?”. Frank makes a critical error of not recognizing that America is an imperial society. The poor people of America benefit from imperial atrocities committed abroad, and must suffer homeland pains in order to receive imperial benefits. This is precisely why so many black Americans remain in America versus leaving the society that crushed their ancestors under chattel slavery and crushes them under wage slavery. The imperial benefits of living in America, even for the worst off, are enormous.

Noam Chomsky’s “advances in democracy” leading to a rise of the American middle class in the post-WWII era is only part of the story, and it’s a relatively minor part. The biggest reason for the rise of the middle class in America was America’s imperialism – it’s criminal extortion, exploitation, and utter rape of much of the rest of the world. Rape is profitable, as every warrior in history understands, and this profit can be distributed, and was distributed in America from the rapists (American capitalists) to those who support them (the American people).

Most of the poor in America want imperialism and whatever necessitates it – including a possible police state at home – in order to continue receiving imperial benefits.


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