Leftist Campaign Issues



4 Responses to “Leftist Campaign Issues”

  1. mad dog Says:

    In other words, the alleged solution here is to turn America into the Soviet Union.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    To you, everything on the left is totalitarian communism. To reality it’s very different.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Part of the problem is that I have yet to find a consistent definition for ‘the left’, at least from you.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    Don’t look to someone to tell you what the answers are – evaluate everything and determine the answers for yourself.

    What is left versus what is right is based on the distribution of power and wealth. Right-wing systems set up a small rich elite and leave the masses impoverished. Left-wing systems have a minimal or nonexistant elite and a broad and very distributed power-base. States, by definition, are a centralized organization of power, and hence *cannot* be left-wing. One of the great myths of the modern age is that some states are left-wing (Soviet Union) and some are right-wing (United States). A mere glance at the Soviet Union tells you that isn’t true – there was a ruling class operating out of Moscow and there were poor masses with little power or wealth. The political system of Indigenous Americans was left-wing, yet I’ve never heard it called that.

    Fascism is the classic right-wing system. Anarchism is the classic left-wing system. Capitalism is extremely close to fascism which accounts for the natural move from one to the other. Communism is close to capitalism. Communism is not left-wing – it’s called left-wing out of a combination of ignorance and capitalist desire to propagandize.

    Anarchism is *decentralized power*. That’s what all left-wing systems have in common. Moscow controlled the entire Soviet Union. That’s centralized power (and wealth), hence right-wing.

    Anarchism has many branches, some of which are more centralized than others. All are left-wing however since all are more or less decentralized. I promote the branch of anarchism I call “global socialism”, which means that wealth and power are distributed fairly equally among all people in the world and a classless global community is created. All states are abolished. Like all other forms of anarchism this is a bottom-up power structure where local communities serve their own needs and link up with other communities in a kind of web.

    The reason the American government and the government of the Soviet Union were in conflict during the Cold War was not that one was capitalist and one communist, but that one wanted global domination of workers and the other refused to expose their workers to the global economy. What it means to have “free capital markets” is that those countries with large capital reserves (such as the United States) can enter other countries and exploit workers, such as occurs in vast form in Asia, Africa, and just about everywhere else today. The Soviet Union threatened that system, since it closed off it’s workers to foreign capital. The fear of the US government was that this “closing off of workers” would spread to other countries, thus reducing the amount of exploitable workers in the world. This is what is meant by “the defeat of communism” – the Soviet Union with it’s vast markets were opened up to capitalist domination.

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