The American proletariat will happen, eventually

This is a reply of mine, here.

America has pathetically weak leftist organizations. One reason for this is a lack of poverty, which is quickly being “fixed” by the criminal class. Another reason is that the population knows that the wealth of the criminal class, extracted largely from non-Americans, will trickle down to them, noting that 3 Billion people in the world “live” on $2 a day or less while the federal minimum wage in the US is $5.85, *per hour*. So the types of populist mass movements that many other countries have are utterly absent in the amoral commercial monocultural corrupt monstrosity otherwise known as American society.

It’s going to take a while for Americans to become impoverished enough to become organized enough to institute substantive political change. At least a decade, maybe much longer. What was previously called “social progress”, like the civil rights movement, was mostly meaningless, since it largely affected Americans, leaving the criminal class free (intentionally and with utter complicity) to ravage the rest of the world, passing the loot extracted from corpses and terrorized societies to “oppressed Americans”. Apparently corpses aren’t oppressed. This was the reason behind the timing of the King and Malcolm X murders – once they started gaining a global consciousness, thus raising the specter of *global* socialism, those “civil rights advocates”, those who want the blood money extracted from non-Americans to be passed from the criminal class to themselves, recognized the threat and dealt with it. The criminal class didn’t even have to get their hands dirty.

What might be called the “complicit class”, those not only of the bourgeois but of all Americans who want to keep the American criminal class’s exploited wealth within America (just more “equitably” distributed) makes up 98% or more of Americans. There is no “proletarian culture” because there is no proletariat in America. Blacks, who logically should make up the backbone of the American proletariat, have been led astray by garbage leaders whose sole purpose is to plead and beg the criminal class to spread out the criminal gains. This has robbed blacks of moral, intellectual, and political strength, and has led the American proletariat in general into an abyss.

Regardless of any of that, sufficient poverty will create a proletariat, just like it does in every other country. This is the primary reason for the huge number of poor imprisoned Americans. The ruling class wants to ensure that if an American proletariat develops it will do so behind bars and thus be utterly controlled. It may not stop there – there is nothing (certainly not “protesters”) to stop mass torture of US prisoners, and depending on the degree of fear of the ruling class we may well see that in the next decade.


One Response to “The American proletariat will happen, eventually”

  1. mad dog Says:

    I don’t know. If Alex Jones happens to be halfway right about the stuff he says, even this might not happen.

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