Quote of the Day

I refuse to believe in a world in which I am unwilling to live.


9 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. jacob Says:

    This quote, having summed up my days plight, led me to your site by way of positively inclined coincidence. I typed up modern asceticism in google, one of your articles caught my eye and the feeling that there is life out there still hasn’t quite left me.

    Aha, young truth glimpses a mirror and feels its presence more real.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    More Americans need to become political.

  3. mad dog Says:

    I am confused by this quote, because it can be easily taken two ways.

    way one:
    “i refuse to believe in a world” meaning that one refuses to actively support this world, or condone any of its actions

    way two:
    “i refuse to believe in a world” meaning that one simply denies the existence of said world.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    The statement is a limiter on truth. It says “the truth cannot be such that nullifies (continued) life”. Less philosophically phrased, the truth cannot be such that causes suicide.

    The statement stands in opposition to truth purists, who might say instead that truth should be established without regard to life, and thus if truth is such that causes human extinction (on either the individual or collective level) then that is just the way it goes.

    Or said another way, truth should serve life, rather than life serving truth.

    This goes against my philosophy for most of my life.

  5. mad dog Says:

    This seems to confirm my suspicions that the writer of the quote think that he can make reality conform to his standards. This is getting into the real of mysticism.

  6. mad dog Says:

    (realm of mysticism)

  7. briankoontz Says:

    Putting truth at the service of life is not mystical, and has nothing to do with “making reality conform to his standards”, whatever that means.

  8. mad dog Says:

    Your kind of language seems to have religious overtones, bearing resemblances to Christianity, as well as other authority based religions.

  9. briankoontz Says:

    I don’t know that this issue is anything beyond trivial, but it’s quite possible that I’m deeply bothered by the relativism and nihilism of secular American society, both of which showed up in full force during the 1990s, and I use an authoritarian tone not in order to announce The Truth but in order to promote the idea of truth. This does not mean I’m either religious or support religion – this is a critique of modern secularism especially with respect to American culture, which I was a long-term student of especially during the 1990s. I also utterly oppose any form of fundamentalist religion (and am highly skeptical of all others), but I interact far less with those people and hence the artistic aspect of my grammar did not develop with respect to them.

    You remind me of a typical secularist, who believes that everyone has their opinion, which is equally valid, and truth is essentially nonexistent. This might be called fundamentalist secularism, which I utterly oppose as just another fundamentalist religion.

    This is the Age of Orwell and truth itself is under siege, as the Neocons understand all too well with their project to “remake truth in our image”. This concept of the permanent control over truth by power will annihilate the world if it is allowed to continue.

    I want to set truth free. When truth is set free the Age of Orwell will be over.

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