To Fire 5/1/08 – the truth about psychological “diseases”

Hi Fire,

Learning is suffering. This process of learning can be ongoing, sporadic, or it can be turned off entirely. Most humans turn it off from an early age and throw away the key.

Criminals are those who need to change, not victims. When doctors prescribe pills for those people who “haven’t adjusted”, that’s like treating a stabbing by only focusing on the victim. Society commits crimes just as individuals do, and society must be held just as responsible as individuals for any such crimes.

Psychologically, taking pills for a problem “fixes” the problem. But the problem is like a stabbing – it doesn’t fix the problem because the perpetrator is not brought to justice, doesn’t learn from his crime, and most likely continues to commit like crimes. By taking pills the victim not only ruins his own perception of the incident(s) which led to the pills, he is himself committing a crime against humanity, since he is not bringing to justice the criminal who abused him. This leads to more crimes, more victims, and more people who think the best solution is for them to take pills.

Various psychological terms used by doctors are not objective or any other kind of truth – they are explanations. Here’s a better truth than that used by anyone who proscribes pills – humans find happiness in different ways and humans respond differently to the world. Humans who “suffer” from a “psychological disease” are instead humans who are sensitive to the crimes of society. They suffer not so much from the world but from the complete lack of help they receive in the world, a world that prefers to let the criminal continue to rampage while “fixing” the victim with pills.

The final solution in this monstrous procedure is for the victim to transform his experience into normality. That is to say, for stabbings and other abuse to become normal, and no longer be considered a crime. This is always the project of the criminal class, that is to say the ruling class. Under this project taking pills is a necessity. That is to say, anyone who takes pills to “fix” the problems caused by society is collaborating with that criminal society.

People who are not sensitive to the crimes still have the crimes perpetrated on them – they just aren’t conscious of it. It’s the responsibility of those who are sensitive to stop the crimes from being committed – this is the whole point of the counter-project to the extermination of morals being perpetrated by the ruling class.

People who take pills know all of this on some level, but reject it because of their lack of power in stopping the criminal. That is to say, *they themselves* can’t destroy the ruling class and stop their crimes, so they consider the best solution to be for them to take pills, in a sense destroy themselves, and call it a day. Conveniently, the knowledge that this “solution” is itself a crime is whitewashed by the same pills causing their other sufferings to “go away”.

I agree that “you yourself” can’t stop the crimes of the criminal class. All people who have stopped the criminal class throughout history have done so through massive organizing efforts.

Take care,



2 Responses to “To Fire 5/1/08 – the truth about psychological “diseases””

  1. Adam Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Do you, in any way, make a distinction between ‘psychological’ and ‘psychiatric’ disease?
    Is it possible that doctors prescribe pills as a therapeutic response to a biological dysfunction?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    I don’t know what differences there are, if any, between psychological and psychiatric conditions.

    No, I don’t believe doctors commonly take that approach. The problem with doctors in general with respect to psychology is that they treat individuals from an individual perspective. However, the problems with individuals rarely have much to do with the individual and almost always have to do with social relations between that individual and others or between other individuals or between institutions and societies or institutions and individuals (structural issues). So the real problem is the social relations, which is “fixed” by, let’s say, changing the individual’s brain state such that he no longer perceives it as a problem.

    In other words, one can take a sleeping pill to correct the “problem” that one is awake, but that’s not in any way treating the underlying causes. A person’s disordered brain state is not the CAUSE of his problem, it’s a symptom of it.

    One way to see this is to examine the historical reality. For one thing, structural institutions (such as bureaucracies) are a modern phenomenon. So any and all brain state changes caused by the social relations they create in human psychology is a strictly modern phenomenon.

    For another, civilization is much more strict and repressive in modern times. Many people don’t deal with each other in a healthy manner. This is caused by a number of things I won’t get into, but again the result is increased psychological disorder.

    Pills never “correct” psychological disorder – all they do is destroy the symptoms. In order to correct psychological disorder the condition that is creating the disorder needs to be eliminated.

    Here’s one example – one thing creating psychological disorder in myself is the existence and prevalence (and control in the hands of people I don’t trust) of nuclear weapons. While doctors might proscribe a pill to “help” me with my “disorder”, I define my “disorder” as a rational reaction to a terrible anti-human social reality. I find it curious that the people who are totally fine with the existence of such weapons are deemed “psychologically healthy”.

    Here’s an analogy – let’s say someone is murdered in front of you. While you are in a panic, desperate and terribly unhappy, a doctor comes up to you and offers you a pill to make you happy again. What is your response to the doctor? Is it not to push him out of the way, pity him for the fool and anti-human monster he is, and try to deal with the reality of the murder (perhaps by arresting the perpetrator)?

    But imagine that society in general is corrupt such that not only the doctor but the majority of the American people side with the doctor, and likewise encourage you to take the pill. What happens to one’s psychological state under such a monstrous condition?

    It’s the very concept that mental disorder is a *personal problem* that is utterly false. We don’t need to see doctors to cure our psychological problems, we need to see political actors.

    In the Age of Orwell psychologists are just another misdirection – pretending that a pill can cure everything (much less anything). Psychologists are supported by the state not because they are effective but precisely because they aren’t effective – they lead people away from their problems toward a masking of those problems – just like a person might drown his problems in alcohol. Or drown them in a pill, it’s the same difference.

    Fire told me that drugs made her feel better. I have no doubt that she’s correct. But the point is not to feel better, the point is to create a better world and thereby to BE BETTER.

    The existence of nuclear weapons, the existence of capitalism, the existence of an oppressive state, *destroys the human spirit* as well as mangles human psychology. Let’s deal with the real issues rather than some Freudian nonsense.

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