City of Walls


Baghdad is starting to look like Palestine. Although in Baghdad the walls are used for protection, they also control and restrict access, allowing for many checkpoints around the city. This is the future for much of the world in the neofeudal corporatist nightmare.


4 Responses to “City of Walls”

  1. mad dog Says:

    It is only the future if the beast (leading world governments and corporations) does not starve itself like many other empires before did.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    It’s not “itself” it will be starving – it’s the American taxpayer (the poorer the worse off). Americans are being treated worse and worse by the government to condition them for starvation.

    The American government will only starve *after* all of it’s food sources are gone – after the American taxpayer dies, after all of it’s economic colonies die, after those states who have become subjugated in the face of American military power die. And unfortunately for us, the first death will probably be the American taxpayer, given how pathetic Americans are at fighting against the government.

    Let’s say you have a world-destroying bomb and care about nothing other than profit. The world hates you because you’re such an ass and you say “Fuck all of you. Give me money or we all die”. As long as the American government holds the military trump card this is the global political reality.

    The only rational assessment of a ruling class that creates and uses nuclear weapons, and then nearly annihilates humanity, and creates and then tries to ignore global warming, is that the continuation of human existence is given much less priority than the pursuit of additional power. The phrase “Get rich or die tryin'” sums that up pretty well. But the difference is, if they “die tryin'” it won’t just be them that dies, it will be the entire human race (and most of everything else). It’s like playing roulette where if you win you get a 25% profit (while everyone else gets poorer) and if you lose the world explodes. It’s sheer insanity. Making sure the world doesn’t explode is about 1,000,000,000 times more important than competing to be the person that gets a 25% profit. And yet even the “progressives” talk about how to fight global warming “profitably”. Heaven forbid we LOSE money while preserving the future of humanity!

    People talk about the “end of the American Empire” as if one day, which is like any other in all other respects, it just dies. The American Empire will only die after massive catastrophe, probably WWIII. The American elite don’t care about America, which is a big difference between the American Empire and the Roman Empire. American corporations are multinational. If America is decimated they just relocate to another country and keep on truckin’.

    America is a food source for American corporations. If America dies, they just move to the next source. The death will be painful for many corporations, depending on how important that particular food source is to them. But for the multinationals it’s not a deal-breaker.

    American multinational corporations are treasonous to the American people. They need to be brought up on charges. But unfortunately, they are the ones who write the laws in the first place (they buy politicians and make them their puppets). Therefore we need a revolution.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Moving to Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia or Ireland looks better and better all the time.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    One should fight for as long as one can. Also, *after* whatever catastrophe occurs things might get really good… the world might be without an imperial power for the first time in, what, five centuries? After the collapse of the American war machine the world will have it’s greatest chance for democracy it’s ever had and maybe will ever have.

    It’s possibly a very good thing that “American” corporations don’t care about America (at this point). Since they can move to another country on a whim they don’t have to go all out to try to keep the American economy propped up (all out in terms of military domination). But like a cancer, it’s still a major problem if it moves to another part of the body.

    When Cheney was told that two-thirds of Americans think the war in Iraq was not worth fighting, he said, “So?”

    If Cheney is Darth Vader, where exactly is Luke Skywalker?

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