To Fire 3/18/08

How’s it going over there?

I’m reading The Creation of the Media by Paul Starr. It details the political and institutional development of the American media. It’s excellent.

I’ve begun War and Peace. It’s fun, although the characters are already exasperating and they’ll probably become more so. Hopefully some War will happen soon and kill off some of these people. The term “chattering class” comes to mind.


2 Responses to “To Fire 3/18/08”

  1. fire Says:

    I also am re-reading War & Peace, although it’ll be a slow journey because I’m reading it aloud. We’re still at the name-day dinner. I think you will like the political intrigue. Tolstoy does a good job describing squad movements which bores me to tears but I heard that men enjoy that kind of stuff more.

    Grad school is hard and as a social thing I started playing Worst Game Ever again (WoW) which depresses me.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    What do you mean, again? The last I knew the only computer game you played was Savage.

    From the day the game came out until September 30, 2006, I played about 5 hours a day of WoW. I was an incredibly good healing priest, doing deep analysis of healing techniques as well as determining the best healing gear, etc. (Allakhazam FTW) I was really looking forward to Arena PvP with the expansion (the rest of the expansion I could have done without) and that made quitting pretty difficult.

    WoW is a great game, but it’s incredibly depressing. It’s the McDonald’s of computer games. WoW has severely stunted the creative energy of the VSOG (MMOG) genre developers, not that they had much before it.

    I hope we can gain a more traditional friendship. I’ve never had a MySpace type friendship before and call me old-fashioned, but I’m totally ok with never having another one for the rest of my life.

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