Nine Billion Little Feet on the Highway of the Damned



6 Responses to “Nine Billion Little Feet on the Highway of the Damned”

  1. mad dog Says:

    Interesting article. That Karl guy who commented at the end seems pretty smart 🙂

  2. briankoontz Says:

    Pretty smart to Karl Schipul maybe.

    “People have been on this earth for at least 100,000 years, with less education, less technology, shorter lifespans, more violence, more religious fanaticism, yet, the world never came to an end, and things managed to improve on an almost constant basis.”

    It’s impossible to cause an extinction of a vast population minus some means to do so. Now with nuclear weapons, global warming, and severe corporatism, we’ve finally “progressed” to the point where that is more than possible.

    The question of whether things have improved at all, much less “on an almost constant basis” is difficult to answer. I don’t find being the victim of constant terrorism by means of having my mind colonized by advertising and propaganda to be an “improvement”. A world of consumers who follow the Pokemon advice to “collect ’em all!” isn’t an improvement over the pre-consumer age. A world of extraction of resources where we’re in a race to achieve some kind of good prior to running out of those resources is risky at best, insane at worst, and in no case can be confidently said to be an improvement over the prior world.

    It’s all well and good that the longevity of human existence has achieved a fraction of what some stupid dinosaurs managed, but I see no reason to stop there. Let’s do what we must in order that humans outlast the dinosaurs.

  3. mad dog Says:

    How about living beyond the age of 30? Do you consider that an improvement?

  4. briankoontz Says:

    The West does not have a monopoly on medical progress. To the extent the West has contributed that has been beneficial.

  5. mad dog Says:

    Sure, the east has made many contributions as well. But medical progess is merely one small facet among many facets of progress through the centuries.

  6. mad dog Says:

    But in regards to climate change, this article is about motorists in huge pile up caused by Global Warming:

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