Hidden Primaries



11 Responses to “Hidden Primaries”

  1. mad dog Says:

    Well, just to let you know, all the current running candidates are part of the council of foreign relations, except two. Want to take a guess as to who they are?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    I assume you’re only including democrats and republicans, since I doubt any 3rd party candidate is such. Well, that would be Ron Paul and I have no idea who the other is.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Mike Gravel. (yes, from the two major parties)

  4. briankoontz Says:

    Ah – I forgot that Gravel hasn’t dropped out.

    You know why I think that the majority of Americans support either Clinton or Obama, and if we include the ones who support McCain or Romney it becomes an overwhelming majority. What’s your explanation for why so many Americans whose only tie to corporations is that they have to be wage-slaves for them as an alternative to starving to death support candidates who are 100% owned by corporate interests? Is there a serious alternative to my argument out there?

  5. mad dog Says:

    Folks like Alex Jones have brought this CFR stuff years ago.

  6. mad dog Says:

    And no one listened.

  7. briankoontz Says:

    90% of communication is articulation. That’s not Alex Jones’s strong suit.

  8. mad dog Says:

    Unfortunately, he really does come across as a kook.

  9. briankoontz Says:

    He’s an alarmist. The world is alarming enough as it is without a need to represent that within one’s own personality. He’s an example of the conspiracy theorists’ irrationality.

    With the corporate media concealing and ignoring truth on a regular basis, Americans have no basis for rational thought and action. That’s given conspiracy theorists an opening for their irrational views (and also given an opening to cults such as Scientology).

    We need a rationality movement in America, but that movement can only happen with democratic media and democratic political participation.

  10. mad dog Says:

    I’m not so sure that the world is alarming enough. I mean, for example, my folks say that I talk too much about politics and such, that I get too worried about things, etc. , etc.

  11. briankoontz Says:

    Most people don’t see a reason to worry since they don’t believe anything will come of it. They’ve given up on changing things so they become resigned to the status quo. Being alarmist doesn’t help these people since it doesn’t teach or inspire them – if anything it just deepens their despair.

    The key is to empower people – to enable them to have political effect. The best way to do that is through massive grassroots political groups – the kind that many other countries have but the United States never forms. In the United States everyone is an individual and everyone has their own pet cause – so it’s Women’s Rights, or Black Rights, or Animal Rights, or Environmentalists, or Anti-Imperialism, or Anti-Capitalism, or Anti-Corporatism, and these groups often work separately, either selfishly and/or ignorantly not realizing that all of these issues and more are interlinked, and that by joining forces they can seize power in the country, but separately they are going to accomplish little if anything.

    Until we start hearing the word Solidarity much more than we do right now from the left, the situation is hopeless. Every poor person is my ally. But the U.S. is such a classist society that my poverty is proof of my worthlessness, according to many of the liberal middle-class activists who comprise much of the left, or the “left”. The left itself has been corrupted by capitalism, by protestantism, by puritanism, and hardly understands anything. They are anti-war but don’t understand war. They are women’s rights but don’t understand gender. They are black rights but don’t understand race. The right with their endless greed might be utter monsters but at least they’re competent. Many pro-war people understand war.

    Regardless of the other issues, it always comes down to money. Middle-class activists simply will never be against capitalism, because the capitalist system itself is the master they love to bow to and reap the rewards. Let’s face it, a middle-class liberal is never going to give up their Lexus and walk side-by-side with a poor person trudging through the snow. And since they can’t be against capitalism they can’t be against hierarchy, against domination, against empire, against patriarchy, which are all related to capitalism. So these “activists” are undergoing a kind of self-esteem exercise where they march in a “demonstration” and say they did their part.

    The competent left is a very small and very lonely group of people.

    One of the few good outcomes of the bankrupting of America is that as more and more Americans shift from the middle class to the working class they are going to be very angry, and they are going to be very anti-capitalist. There is great potential in America over the next couple decades as the citizens are still rich enough to have political impact (without having to form massive grassroots groups like the poor do in all other countries) but are made poor enough to turn against capitalism itself. The elite of course realize this, which is why there is such a potential for America to become a police state, as arguably New Orleans already is. If South America succeeds in their move to the left they could export that political model to the U.S.

    I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but at Meijer’s there is tremendous despair among the employees. This must be a national cultural effect to be this deep.

    My excitement in terms of the American people turning against capitalism is that it will enable them to turn against all other forms of oppression as well. They will become REAL activists. They will no longer have a self-imposed limit of being just for “insert-subgroup-name-here rights”.

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