On war, hate, and terrorism


The following is an email in response to the above link.

I didn’t enjoy it, but I agree with it. I tend to have to learn something to enjoy it.

It’s not exactly accurate, since it took the indigenous people a while to realize the animosity of the incomers. But that’s too confusing for use on a poster.

I don’t agree with the line of argument (not expressed by the poster, but commonly said) that it’s all about white supremacy. It’s just about war. War is about theft and subjugation. There always needs to be a group to steal from and subjugate. The best group to select for that purpose features a combination of wealth and military weakness (think Iraq with it’s oil, strategic usefulness, and minimal military). The indigenous americans, with vast access to land and almost no military development (by european standards), were ideal.

What are called “hate crimes” in America are actually war crimes. Hanging a noose is an extension of terrorism and oppression of blacks. It has nothing to do with hate – it has everything to do with theft, subjugation, and exploitation. Hate is an outcome of war, an emotional response to the condition of war that makes it easier to kill. It’s never a cause of war.

Whites have no problem killing other whites, including genocide, when that is convenient. They do so with just as much brutality as when they kill any other race.

It’s not particularly difficult to end or at least severely curtail war. The people of the world do not want war – the elites want it because they are the ones who gain the wealth and power that result from war. Once the people gain power they can set up a global peacekeeping force (a true peacekeeping force, not one used by an empire) that intervenes anywhere in the world when necessary. War is proof of a lack of democracy. The American military, for example, is not controlled by the people. It’s controlled largely by one man (and his contingent), and the accomplices in the legislative. The people are totally cut out of the process. That’s not democracy, not in any form.
Democracy is the only solution. We’ll keep having monstrous wars where a few get rich, many get dead or injured, and the rest get impoverished until democracy is attained.

What I like best about the poster is “terrorism”. That’s completely accurate. When one’s friends and relatives are getting killed and injured, fleeing from their homes, etc. one is in a state of terror. War is terrorism, as anyone who has ever experienced a war can tell you. New Yorkers on 9/11 were in a state of terror for a short time in response to experiencing just one act of war. And that was without the torture, the kidnappings, the could-happen-at-any-time roadside bombs, the indiscriminate Blackwater shootings, the militias, and all the other monstrosities that Iraqis face daily. Americans have the nerve to debate whether or not troops should leave. It’s not their call to make. The only just process is for the Iraqi people to decide whether or not American troops leave. Yet what American, who claims to be “against the war”, ever wonders what Iraqis think?

You call me bitter. You have no idea. I live in a world of ignorance, cowardice, monstrosity, bloodlust, greed, and despair. I’ve experienced all of those things myself and I can see it on the faces of everyone. The torture rooms that began to be used in the 1970s had a devastating effect on the psyche of Americans. They didn’t even need to know about them – they knew what was happening. But because they didn’t know about them, they couldn’t fight them. Knowledge needs to be in one’s head, not in one’s bones, to be useful. Not coincidentally that was the beginning of the age of mass distraction, the age of entertainment. Empires always need entertainment, don’t they?

Americans seem to believe they are good people. I disagree. However, they can become good people if they have a good political reality in which to live. The only way to achieve that good reality is to seize power from the elite. In a good world there are mostly good people, and in a bad world there are mostly bad people. It’s quite possible for bad people to create a good world and thereby become good. It’s not only possible, it’s exactly what we need to do.

The most tragic argument Americans make for their own righteousness is “I haven’t done anything wrong”. Well, if you haven’t joined forces in seizing power from the elite yet then you’ve done something very wrong. This failure has recently led to over a million Iraqis dead, several million losing their homes, nearly the entire country impoverished. Many of the 11,000 people who die each day from poverty are caused by the global economic system controlled by the American empire. And in this world the ignorant American who maintains his own ignorance intentionally says he “hasn’t done anything wrong”. So yeah, I’m bitter. Seeing an American who “hasn’t done anything wrong” watching American Idol while their own government kills a few hundred more innocents has a tendency to produce that effect. Inaction is the most common form of evil. The phrase “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” is false. The truth is, doing nothing proves you are evil. Seizing power from the elite is an act of redemption. The process by which power is seized from the elite is the transformation from evil to good.

There are many countries that have vast populist movements and grassroots organizations. Yet I can’t find a single such organization anywhere in the South Bend area. That will happen eventually. It’s better to start now, but they’ll start once the United States disintegrates further. Hopefully by that time it won’t be too late. In an age of nuclear annihilation and global warming, there is such a thing as too late.


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