War and Peace


5 Responses to “War and Peace”

  1. fire Says:

    The new translation is supposed to be really good. I picked up a copy but haven’t started yet. I think I read the Garnett translation. Maude is hard to read for me. Although Hemingway swore by Maude.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    Cool. I have a couple other books to read and then I’ll start on War and Peace. It will probably be like climbing a mountain – one doesn’t so much finish War and Peace as survive it.

  3. briankoontz Says:

    I’m reading Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” right now. It’s tremendous.

  4. fire Says:

    Not so. War and Peace is like a soap opera. You choose the subjects that interest you, and follow them with fervor throughout the book. Good luck on that. Finishing my 2nd go around with Anna Karenina.

  5. briankoontz Says:

    That’s not a methodology I can see myself adopting. I tend to consume books, bones, gristle, fat, muscle, flesh, and everything else. It took me a long time just to read 180 pages of Moby Dick because of the richness of the diet.

    At 1300 pages, War and Peace is more likely to produce just war inside my stomach. The peace will come after the digestion.

    How’s school going for you?

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