Melissa Harris Lacewell and Gloria Steinem debate Democratic presidential issues

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This is a perfect example of elite debate in the United States and shows why nothing good ever happens here. These people are perfect representatives of Clinton and Obama.


6 Responses to “Melissa Harris Lacewell and Gloria Steinem debate Democratic presidential issues”

  1. mad dog Says:

    Did you catch when Hillary was first speaking? First she says that she doesn’t want there to be racial or gender issues in the election, but then she talks about how good it is that a black man is running and how a woman is running and trying to break the ultimate glass ceiling. I find this obvious contradiction to be hysterical.

  2. mad dog Says:

    I hope that Gloria Steinem doesn’t break her arm by patting herself on the back so much.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Although it looks like Ms. Lacewell wants to give herself a compound fracture in this regard.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    The sad thing is that I doubt this presidential campaign is much or maybe even any worse than previous ones, but I’m paying so much more attention this time around that I’m seeing the full spectrum of the horror.

    Back in 2004 I was interested in politics but I was mainly focused on satirizing the Neoconservatives and I couldn’t imagine Bush getting reelected. I just about fell out of my chair when I saw that Florida voted for Bush, actually *increasing* it’s favoritism for him over 2000, after Bush stole the election out of Florida! That was the closest I’ve ever gotten to wanting to take the American populace by the throat and choke the life out of it. Also, I wasn’t into youtube yet which is really useful for me in learning about politics. This race felt more wide open, although the corporate media always manages to narrow it down.

  5. mad dog Says:

    Steinem is someone allegedly from the left who I will have a very difficult time warming up to. She actually allied with Jerry Falwell and the Fundamentalists in the 1970’s war against pornography.

  6. briankoontz Says:

    Steinem is a good example of what is wrong with America – thinking that issues of gender and race are more important than issues of economic systems and class.

    The problem is not so much with Steinem but in the public’s evaluation of Steinem. Sexism is a second-tier issue in terms of importance, whereas issues like imperialism, capitalism, hierarchy, and elite rule, which encompass sexism in any case, are the real problems we need to deal with. Through the left’s extreme support of Steinem as well as anti-racists they have distorted the reality, which in turn has hurt the very people (women, minorities, and the oppressed) they claim to be trying to help.

    Racism and sexism themselves are inventions of the ruling class to divide the people and make them easy to control (since they can then be pitted against each other and take their energies and attention away from the true enemy). Yet anti-racists and anti-sexists almost never make note of this, or even understand it. They pretend that racism and sexism are some inherent trait of humans that we need to “progress to eliminate”. It’s *already* eliminated… it’s only elite monstrosities such as Hollywood portrayals, advertising, and hiring practices that are propping it up – it’s THAT that we need to eliminate. Steinem is fundamentally ignorant, an ignorance that shows up in her support of Clinton, a corporate, capitalist, hierarchical, elite candidate, who will abuse women in the same way as her husband did, George W. Bush did, and most other U.S. presidents have. Because Steinem makes no class analysis at all she is doomed to abuse women, the very people she truly wants to help.

    People like Steinem and Lacewell are trapped, caged in the economic system and can *only* avoid class issues because they themselves benefit to such a degree from class itself. Behind Lacewell in that interview is a giant wall-sized image that says “Princeton University”. Case in point. Do you think Princeton is a defender of oppressed peoples? Princeton, where the president of the Woodrow Wilson school (herself supported by Lacewell in this very interview) lauded Condoleeza Rice for being black and a woman and attaining a position of power? Rice – who herself has devastated the oppressed in America, including blacks and women? Don’t they understand what power is? Power is a position at the top of the hierarchy! Everyone in a position of power, by definition, oppresses people below them. It DOESN’T MATTER what the gender or the race is of the person in power. Rice is a cog in the same machine of monstrosity, just like Bush is, just like Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz, and Powell. When you enter the beast, it’s not you who changes the beast, it’s the beast that changes you.

    Here’s how power works. Divide and conquer. Split the people in so many ways (class, race, gender, etc.) that they cannot come together in solidarity to destroy the power structure. So Lacewell and Steinem, very intelligent and articulate people who would be a great asset to the oppressed, cannot be because they have been coopted by the economic system itself – given enough handouts so as to be blind to class so as to perpetuate their own position.

    Reality is something that none of us understand. If any of us were able to speak the complete truth about anything we would be utterly ignored because what we said would be completely incomprehensible, because we have been so conditioned by disinformation, propaganda, and ideology into an utterly false view of the world. We are living in the age of Orwell.

    Politicians, corporate leaders, and other people who exist primarily to gain power always seek to be extremely visible. They can’t afford to speak the truth even if they knew it, because the more someone speaks the truth, the more invisible he becomes (just like Kucinich faded away). You might object to that by saying “I’ve never heard that anywhere else! It must be false!”.

    The battle nowadays is not to obtain truth, but to honor truth. To make it as visible as we possibly can. To celebrate it. That’s what is at stake in the age of Orwell – the existence of truth itself. That’s why seriousness is so much more important than it’s ever been before. That’s why it’s far more important to honor the words of Kissinger or Pinochet or other monsters when they speak the truth than about some well-intentioned fool when they speak their silly desires.

    The sanity of the world is at stake.

    Steinem and Lacewell, two rich women (rich compared to the women and blacks they are ostensibly trying to help) see no contradiction in their own lives. When America forces them to see we’ll see real progress.

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