The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Barack Obama and Jon Stewart

When Jon Stewart went on Crossfire and accused them of “hurting America” his viewers lauded and applauded. “You tell it!”

A few years later Barack Obama said he believes Wall Street leaders want to be part of building a more just nation, but they haven’t been asked before. So, in a more polite tone but with the same idea, Obama, who had been on the Jon Stewart show previously, went to Wall Street and did just that.

Stewart is self-deluded into thinking he believes the corporate thugs who run Crossfire actually care about America (or he somehow believed that the two talking head goons on the show actually control the content). Hurting it doesn’t even need to be good for business – shows like Judge Judy, Geraldo, etc. don’t even need to serve the profit motive because they demoralize and degrade the American people, making them more docile and subjugated to corporate interests.

Another aspect is that Stewart was building his own ratings, by giving his base what they want (speaking truth to power).

The effect of Stewart was the most this action could ever produce – a rise in someone on the left end of the elite political spectrum, Keith Olbermann. On the total American political spectrum Olbermann is well to the right (pro-capitalist, pro-republic), but he’s attacked by the right precisely because they don’t want there to be anyone to the left of Olbermann in the mainstream media, and indeed there is not. The attacks on Olbermann themselves are propaganda ploys designed to fool listeners into believing Olbermann is a great enemy of the right. Olbermann is an enemy of the far right (as liberals always are), and because he has access to a vast distribution stream (mainstream media) he’s a more effective enemy than anyone to his left, who is successfully marginalized by the corporate media.

Only Jon Stewart’s desire for ratings allows for him to talk to McCain, or the Crossfire hosts, or anyone else, with the continued self-delusion of thinking he is a wolf tearing into the flesh of power. He serves to please his audience who can never take the stage to ask these royalty any such questions, much less affect some change in them.

Speaking truth to power is tragic. They already know the truth. Power cares about attaining additional power and holding on to what it’s already stolen. Speaking truth to power has the tragic effect of enabling the power to know how far the slaves are willing to go – it lets them know the position of the slaves, it clarifies the slaves.

So the power, now knowing the slave position, creates Keith Olbermann and makes sure he is “fiery” enough to be an attack-magnet for the right. Well done, Jon Stewart, well done.

Instead of annihilating the mainstream media, Jon Stewart has extended it’s life by informing it that it needed to change.

The slaves need to be organizing away from the centers of power, and organizing to such a vast extent that they cannot be undermined by agents of the state (such as the FBI), and also undermining all state agencies through moles.


One Response to “The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Barack Obama and Jon Stewart”

  1. khadija Says:

    oh, it is really great u have talked about power game nicely. u r right

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