The State economic system

Here’s the way the system works:

“Free education” – whereby the state indoctrinates children into “American values” by which they mean social control and propaganda, found in both the material (pro-capitalist pro-western), in omissions (such as almost everything concerning the genocide of indigenous americans), and in distortions. Who decides what “American values” are? I decide American Values are concern for the well being of all people, concern for the environment, etc, not the garbage the state spews and calls it “American values”.

Then once the child gets done with that form of abuse he gets a job:

Employers only employ people who have come through this state-controlled “free education”. They don’t ask “What education do you have?”, they ask “What college did you graduate from?” If one didn’t graduate from a college, employers say he “doesn’t have a good education”. Which is completely false but they are blinded by propaganda and by an unconscious desire to support the state and can’t see it.

If you shout out “private education!” you’re not saying anything, because the same culture that the state controls and propagates is transmitted by institutions that are intimate to that culture, such as institutions not directly run by the state (such as private schools as well as mainstream media as well as countless other things).

And once the new adult, having gone through a childhood of utter control and abuse, which is invisible to him in most cases, is locked into the state-supported economic system, he then abuses everyone who doesn’t accept that system! That’s right, everyone who doesn’t accept that system and enter into it is lazy, he’s a “good for nothing bum”, he’s “not worthy of being supported by my tax dollars”, oh no! If I have to be a controlled and manipulated slave then by God everyone else must also be!

To these wealthy slaves, poor people are stupid, ignorant, lazy, pathetic cretins, welfare queens leeching off society, spurting out more leeches from their leech-vaginas.

The most dangerous noose to have around your neck is the one you never see. Frogs never notice being boiled alive when the heat is turned up slowly.


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  1. sandrar Says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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