Creating sufficient boredom – the truth about decadence

A consideration of difficult times results in mental and emotional exhaustion. In Nietzsche’s times that was “death of God”, colonization, elitism, and others. Since then many other things have been added or adapted, including global empire, elite abuse of the world, and possible human annihilation or enslavement (through colonizing the material and mental states or through neglect such as ignoring global warming or use of highly destructive weapons).

Callous, selfish, or simple people can be ignorant of these issues. Everyone else deals with them to some degree. The only way to avoid exhaustion from exposure to thought concerning these things is to effectively work against them. Consider the dilemma – everyone knows they need to work against these things or become exhausted yet everyone knows what that implies – the elite have controlled the world for millennia and the only solution is to destroy the elite. People have varying reactions to this understanding including the one the elite want you to have, which is that they are highly capable and the world would “fall into anarchy” in their absence.

Everyone knows (on some level, not often the conscious) that this is a group, popular effort. Elite rule can end very soon after the people decide it will end.

Decadence is the condition where thought is given to exhausting topics prior to the event where the elite are destroyed and positive outcomes can occur from such thought. That is to say, decadents require high levels of boredom in order to refresh their minds so they can once again live under the conditions that produce such exhaustion.

This need for boredom then coincides with the destruction of the elite – that is to say a culture that is giving a lot of thought to such issues whose only solution can be that destruction will produce it, or destroy themselves.

The culture of boredom we live in can be described in any number of ways – computer games are primarily used as ways of achieving boredom. Watching television likewise.

The post-decadent period is marked by a rise of organizations that are aimed at destroying the elite and eliminating the culture of decadence itself. The United States might be entering into a post-decadent period at present, although it’s not progressing nearly as rapidly as many of us would like.


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