Jesus the Eternal Supermartyr

He died a tragic death after living a heroic life
That’s just like so many others
To perpetually weep for Jesus is to be blind to those people
Those people are who are important
The accumulation of those many acts has built the world

The greatest tyrant is he who is made into an impossibility
Follow Jesus, they say, after they’ve falsified him
The truth is always too dangerous for the scum who surround it

Jesus could afford no defenses, and they took advantage
The biblical writers used Jesus to promote their own narrow agendas
They even turn your attention away from that, with the story of the “betrayer”

Churches claim to be honoring Jesus, but it seems rather that they are dishonoring everyone
Would Jesus have wanted to be worshiped instead of followed?
Would Jesus have wanted a giant cross to be his legacy?
Would Jesus have wanted a man elevated two feet above others telling them what to do?
Jesus has been exploited by the churches for centuries for their own profit and power

The world has betrayed Jesus, and betrayed themselves


One Response to “Jesus the Eternal Supermartyr”

  1. slivermoon22 Says:

    Jesus, like all of us is a product of GENE ISIS, not Genesis. A experiment by an all male race- that wanted to create woman. Our fathers are ET’s.
    Jesus was created for Lucifer’s purpose. We have seen it played out. Unfortunately, Jesus woke up from his lineage and that was off plan. So, they killed him.

    People will soon see the truth, and it’s the polar opp of what they have been brainwashed to believe.

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