American Political Spectrum



Rev – Revolutionaries (Leftist)

Pop – Populists

Pro – Progressives

dem – democrats (promoters of democracy, has nothing to do with the democratic party)

rep – republicans (promoters of republics, has nothing to do with the republican party)

Lib – Liberals

Con – Conservatives

Dem – Democrats (the political party)

Med – Mainstream Media

Rep – Republicans (the political party)

Cor – Corporatists

Fas – Fascists


Note: This is the sane or semi-sane left to right scale. There are positions off the scale on both the left and right which have little impact, although the right side off the scale always threatens to break through nowadays.

Also note the lack of overlap between democrats, republicans, and Fascists. These are mutually exclusive categories.

Elite culture is reflected by the position of the Mainstream Media. While there is such a thing as the “Liberal Media” (note the overlap) Liberalism itself is on the right-side of the scale, and well to the right.

It might seem strange to see the Democratic party to the right of the Liberals, but consider that corporations control the Democratic party, and their position reflects that control.

I wasn’t sure where to put Conservatives. I don’t necessarily believe they are even to the right of the Liberals, or at least there may be some overlap.

Note that the American people (the non-elite who make up the overwhelming majority) are completely disenfranchised by the power sector of the society. This is true in most countries but rarely is it so clearly represented. It’s absolutely false whenever a Washington politician says he “represents the people”. He represents people all right – the people who run the corporations who are paying for his constant campaigning.

Part of the Fascist and Corporatist sectors are to the right of the scale.

The leftist groups have a much broader range of views. This is partially because the rightist groups place a lot of emphasis on agreement so as to push through policies and agendas, in the same way that a corporation sees all their members “on the same page”. Leftists tend to be individualists who don’t want to force others to modify their views.

It may seem illogical to only see Revolutionaries on the left side on the scale, but consider that the right holds power (as it does most everywhere at the moment). Even so, there is such a thing as the revolutionary right, it’s just off-the-scale. Countries like Venezuela have a revolutionary right.


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