Killing in Amateur Games

I went to the games section of Newgrounds and surveyed their games to determine what percent featured player-directed killing, in like fashion to:

2006 Commercial Games

2005 Commercial Games

2004 Commercial Games

Hollywood 2006

Newgrounds games are mostly amateur with a few semi-commercial titles, although some are very good. I surveyed every 28th game on Newgrounds as of early January 2008, starting with the 28th one in Alphabetical Order by category. There were 55 games in all that were surveyed. Of those, 27 featured player-directed killing while 28 did not. This is a distinct contrast to commercial games, which have about an 80% rate of featuring player-directed killing.

Here is how the survey breaks down by Game category:

Action – 7 Killing, 2 Not Killing

Adventure – 3/3

Casino – 0/1

Defense – 5/0

Driving – 0/2

Fighting – 2/1

Gadgets – 0/3

Multiplayer – 0/1

Puzzles – 1/8

Rhythm – 0/5

Shooters – 3/0

Shooting – 4/0

Sports – 1/2

Webcam – 1/0

In the other surveys only commercial games widely reviewed were considered. This makes a big difference, since reviewers don’t often review puzzle games, despite their commercial appeal. Although that accounts for some of the discrepancy between commercial and amateur games, amateur games still seem to feature less killing. is a site well known for acceptance of violence which may skew the rate of games which include killing upward somewhat.


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