Another theory on the Neocons

Perhaps the reason the Neocons use so much abuse and condescension is to get the American people to hate them, and then the American people will become them (as abuse victims tend to become abusive themselves). they are trying to make sure the American empire continues long after they are gone (per the Project for a New American Century) and they are thus trying to destroy solidarity and instill in american culture love for domination and the capitalist ethos of “looking out for no. 1”.

Seen in this light, this is an extension of elite propaganda throughout the 20th century. The difference now is that the elite fear the end of the American empire, so they no longer take the patient approach of grinding away at the American people through outlets like mass marketing, advertising, and the corporate media. They now use smirks and condescension (Bush II) whereas they used to hide behind smiles (Reagan).

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