Attention-deficit Order

Anxiety. Despair. Where is the solution?
More and more quickly we cycle through the channels of life
What began with three now contains hundreds, and we responded
They made a buck, and now big pharma makes another
Everything is a commodity, even our sanity

The children are always the first to know
They are the first to be abused for having a new way
The first to receive treatment, since they have no defenses
In their open despair mapped onto their attention is their parents’ shame
And their parents will have none of that, oh no
Parents are far more selfish than anyone will yet admit

So here we go, into this schizophrenic future
Scattered minds the new order to deal with splintered realities
The myth of “choice” is the propaganda so many have ingested
To dull our senses, and bring out our money-holders one more time

In the 19th century they wrote warnings
In the 20th century they wrote alarms
Now in the 21st century we write epitaphs
Perhaps future grave-diggers will be our readers
Our future children will be the first to learn

We need to stop taking pills which affect the body to cure what exists outside
We need to start digging graves for our leaders, for those who have created this “culture”
And since their greed ensures their complaints, they will go loudly into that endless night
We will dance to that sweet music


6 Responses to “Attention-deficit Order”

  1. mad dog Says:

    I’ve heard that ADD should actually be called P.D.D., or ‘Parental Deficit Disorder’ >:D

  2. briankoontz Says:

    I don’t believe that ADD has any substantial relationship to bad parenting, but I know for sure that there is a large cultural element. Noone talks about that though, they just say it’s “psychological” or “neuro-chemical” or whatever brain-jargon has recently been introduced. It’s funny how everyone likes fixing brains but noone likes fixing societies. “Fixing society” might affect the status quo, while “fixing brains” just means more transfer of wealth to the professional class. What bothers me is that elitist reasoning seems to be accepted by most Americans (in this regard).

    An ADDer is like a consciousness junkie. He moves from one context to the next to the next, never finding anything good. It’s like endlessly flipping through the channels. It seems like it’s society’s role to provide something good to hold his attention rather than provide him pills to fool his brain. But I guess “something good to hold his attention” isn’t as readily manufactured, prescribed, and sold. We are a commodity culture in every sense of the term.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Well, I think the idea of ‘fixing brains’ is stupid too. You simply can’t think of the brain merely like the heart or the liver. For all practical purposes, the brain pretty much determines who you are. It is the very core of a person. The thing about people is that when ‘correction’ is applied to them, at least part of them that ‘misbehaved’ in such and such manner is still willing and able to do so. To say the least, internal conflicts within that person occur.

    The only effective way I have found to have any long lasting and meaningful change in a person is if that person is willing to change him or herself. Otherwise, if the person is NOT willing or able and does not perceive what he/she has as a problem, then no meaningful change will take place.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    Once a person is “willing to change” he has already changed. The willingness is just a symptom of the change itself. The will is a kind of affirmation of the change – it’s the self telling the self “good”.

    My problem with “fixing brains” is that it assumes that the individual always needs the fixing and that the society is perfect. What I find is that individual problems are usually the result of environmental problems, and taking a pill only makes a person no longer care about the environmental problems rather than actually fix anything at all. This is partially why societal problems in America go on and on and on – because everyone is taking pills to “fix themselves” instead of fixing the problems. And the same people who want to steer Americans away from “fixing society” are those who benefit the most from that society (the elite and professional classes, such as psychologists and psychiatrists themselves). Per usual, this is not a conspiracy of any sort, but rather a kind of understood framework of “doctor knows best” paternalism that the elite operate under – shared values that are absolutely opposed to the American people and democracy.

    Things like “mental imbalance” are due to the mind trying to grind away to find a solution – such as understanding something or finding a way to communicate something. Pills may “fix the imbalance” but they also “fix” the thinking itself – they destroy the ability for that mind to actually find that solution.

  5. mad dog Says:

    “Once a person is “willing to change” he has already changed.” Not necessarily. It often requires effort. For example, suppose a person had a strong tobacco addiction. But suppose also that the person would like to quit smoking, but has a very difficult time stopping? Or how about if he were a gambling addict?

  6. mad dog Says:

    That’s just a couple examples.

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