Programmed tunnel-vision, as you focus on the TV
Tears stream down your face as a celebrity is caught in a tragedy
Another one of their sex tapes is exposed – oh no!
Now they get even more attention – horror of horrors!
They proclaim dismay and sue to get the tapes back

So there you are, choking on your tears, wringing your hands
How could they do this? you plaintively wail
Meanwhile, outside your home, a dissident has a bag placed over his head and is snatched away
Meanwhile, a corporation spews waste into your local river
Meanwhile, all corporations refuse to give you information on themselves

But I’m sure I’m all wrong about you – you’re quite the ironic one
You watch celebrities only to mock them – you shake your fist when they appear
You recognize the problem – you’re way too smart for them
The only way to tell them is to watch the TV and get angry at it
Britney Spears again? How could they? JLo and Ben? How many times do I have to watch this??

American Idol is the new cool. Everyone is watching, so so must you. See the abuse. Feel the abuse. Embrace the abuse. Live it.
Meanwhile, human #1,250,000 is blown apart in Iraq, while you watch them wring their hands over the death penalty in America which kills 60 per year. Don’t the death penalties for Iraqis count? What about the death penalty for hundreds of thousands of Sudanese? What about the future for Iranians? For Israelis?

You can never answer me, can you? Noone ever can. The answer can’t be found on the TV, and therefore according to you it doesn’t exist.
“Life? Life is what happens on TV”


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