Why the White Elite likes Obama and Oprah

From http://www.zmag.org/content/showarticle.cfm?SectionID=90&ItemID=14612

“I argue that the white-pleasing “Obama effect” builds on and expands its mass-cultural kissing cousin the “Oprah effect” in deepening the illusion of racism’s disappearance by elevating the public profile of selected bourgeois blacks who make sure not to spark white anxieties with honest discussion of the continuing powerful role of white supremacy in American life.”


6 Responses to “Why the White Elite likes Obama and Oprah”

  1. mad dog Says:

    Your’e right. They should start listening to Larry Elder 😉

  2. mad dog Says:

    One thing I would like to speculate on is how well Obama would do if he happened to be white. Have you any theories?

  3. briankoontz Says:

    He would run a different campaign if he was white, so it’s difficult to say. Being black allows him to much more easily deceive some people into believing he’s progressive. His policies are very similar to Clinton’s.

    Neither race nor gender in and of themself make any difference. Both Obama and Clinton are just as tied into corporate America as Giuliani or Romney. The emphasis on “historical first” is overplayed and utterly trivial. I’m sure the elite love it when we talk about the “first woman president” or the “first black president” and neglect to understand that their actual policies are going to be worse than Clinton I’s. I would vote for an oozing blob of pus if it had good policies.

    Corporate America doesn’t really care if it’s a black person or a woman in the oval office, as long as they behave properly. Clinton and Obama have no intention of doing otherwise.

  4. mad dog Says:

    You know what’s funny? I take this test and Obama comes at the bottom:


    My results:

    Ron Paul: 31pts
    John McCain: 18pts
    Mike Gravel: 14pts
    Mike Huckabee: 14pts
    Dennis Kucinich: 14pts
    Rudy Guiliani: 11pts
    Duncan Hunter: 11pts
    Bill Richardson: 11pts
    Mitt Romney: 11pts
    Fred Thompson: 11pts
    Hillary Clinton: 8pts
    John Edwards: 7pts
    Barack Obama: 5pts

  5. mad dog Says:

    Those bottom 3 are so completely worthless to be less favorable to me than creeps like Rudy or Romney.

  6. briankoontz Says:

    Giuliani and Romney are the worst because they are openly fascist (doubling the size of Guantanamo, doing anything to win the “war on terror”, etc.).

    The test isn’t very accurate. Here are the results for me:

    Dennis Kucinich: 19 pts
    Hillary Clinton: 15
    John Edwards: 13
    Mike Gravel: 13
    Bill Richardson: 13
    Barack Obama: 12
    Ron Paul: 11
    Rudy Giuliani: 5
    Mike Huckabee: 4
    Duncan Hunter: 0
    John McCain: 0
    Mitt Romney: 0
    Fred Thompson: 0

    I’m not sure what my exact preferential order is, but I suspect it’s something like Kucinich, Gravel, Edwards, Paul, and after that it’s less important other than avoiding fascists.

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