Indoctrinating the World’s elites

The American elite (primarily composed of top governmental officials and the corporate sector, especially multinationals, and to a lesser extent the propagandized upper and middle classes) indoctrinates the world’s elites in a variety of ways. By “indoctrinate” I mean to make them amenable to the wishes and conditions of the American elite. They become subsidiaries or clients of the “Washington Consensus”. Here are some of the ways:

Universities have “diversity” requirements, which is another way to say they have a policy of taking in top students from other countries. They are taught a pro-Western, pro-capitalist, in most cases free market fundamentalist position, which they then go back and implement in their own countries, often receiving “aid” by the American state. They are also taught elitism, which is to say top-down rule. Free markets favor the party with the greater bargaining power, which is why Walmart fares well against a mom and pop store and why the United States fares well in international economics, and hence the passion of the American elite for the “free market” (which itself isn’t free, but that’s another issue).

Hollywood projects both images and ideas friendly to the American elite. Disney is a warehouse of such creations, virulent in both sexism and racism as well as things more subtle, but Hollywood as a whole follows along.

The American government sets “good behavior” restrictions on it’s foreign aid to other countries. This good behavior amounts to whether or not the foreign government opens up it’s economy to American multinationals, who then extract resources (natural and/or human) for profit. It’s a form of bribery where the foreign government can either take the “aid”, which they often pocket or divert to personal interests, or not take the aid and not only lose out on the money but also stoke the anger of the US elite. Hell hath no fury like the American government scorned, as Hugo Chavez has discovered most recently and such previous examples as Allende and Mossadegh attest to. International trade organizations and policies like the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the North American Free Trade Agreement secure western interests in dominating the third world.

While these elements cover mainly the elites (even Hollywood, which the majority of the world can’t afford to view), religious missionaries have long served the interests of indoctrination in a genocidal manner on foreign people. Missionaries seek to overwrite the identities of non-Christians (or whatever the religion in question is), a kind of blank slate torture whereby the people are “redeemed” or “civilized” or whatever the propaganda term of the day happens to be (nowadays it’s “bringing them our way of life”). This might even be said to be following “God’s will”, as the myth goes that God created man “in his image”. Missionaries don’t see themselves doing anything wrong at all. They are the “holy people” you see, and others are better off being made holy from their current “unclean” state.

Looking within the United States, the public relations industry exploded following the decline in the use of force on the domestic population after the first world war. Mass media, advertising, and marketing perpetually manipulate and control the populace as well as generate a cultural monopoly (called “monoculture”). As that cultural monopoly begins to fade (as it did in the 1960s), look for an increase in the use of force by the state on the population (as occurred in the 1960s and 1970s).


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