Buying Life

“I feel most alive when I am shopping”
A refrain spoken by few and felt by many
Toys ‘R Space, a Walmart superstore is the American Dream
The Good Life for the buyers, hell for the makers, power for the exploiters
Fun, fun, happiness, pleasure, always the endless smile

First for us, then for them, the American Myth
Our capitalism, our free market, our democracy, our way of life
The wage slaves see the endless smiles and wonder
What will happen to them when the myth is shown the truth?
Saw what happened to Iraq when Saudis attacked

But the truth can be ignored so long as there is a good life to lead
There are so many things in the world, and so little time to touch them
So little time to expropriate them, so little time to own them
So much need to maintain the good life at all costs

Victims, victims, the skin color really doesn’t matter
Racism is a convenience, hatred a tool
Abusing women is just good practice for the world
It feels good to ignore the poor, it feels good to ridicule them

So here America is – it’s decided Walmart is horrible
So it shops somewhere somewhat less horrible and calls it righteous
So here America is – it’s decided a war against Iraq is horrible
But a war against Iran – maybe that’s fine
So here America is – there America was – and there it will be
Deciding that vast human suffering is worth the good life


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