Killing Timothy Leary’s Children

Abandoned by the Depression, he oversaw the beginnings of Empire
He drowned his conformist sorrows in alcohol
But he wanted an even larger conformity, to the cosmos
LSD was his solution, a departure from society
But LSD is dangerous, and so are other drugs, they tell us
And what a coincidence, technology takes off
Gadgets, tools, computers, walkmen, MP3 players, cell phones, digital cameras
There is more than one way, now, to turn on, tune in, and drop out

So many around me are Leary’s children
They fondle their Ipods like they are making love
Their wireless headsets simulate telepathy
Their growing big-screens are erections to be witnessed by all
Why are drugs dangerous and this is not?
A question never asked is never answered
Leary’s children don’t want an answer – they’ll always deny
What do answers matter to someone with a magic Ipod?


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