The 1990s

The End of History started the decade of doom
The dream of solidarity had died
Quiet warriors turned to battle the US government
A dead people consumed cheetos and television

Aliens, aliens, aliens were everywhere
Conspiracy theories celebrated despair and irrationality
Jerry Springer maintained the social nightmare
Rush Limbaugh kept Americans in a state of panic
Noone was outraged – noone had the spirit remaining

On campuses the elite walked with headphones turned on and the world turned off
The elite dreamt of wealth, and drugs, and parties, and sex
They lived their dreams when they could, self-pitied when they could not
Atomization was both a state of mind and a condition of reality

The world would collapse in 2000, so the elite told us
As businesses quickly moved to solve the “Y2k crisis”
Ebola was everywhere, but never global warming or imperialism, oh no
Global warming had it’s critics you see, and American imperialism was a conspiracy theory

So there we were at the end of the 1990s –
Depressed, abused, fearful, manipulated, and utterly exploited
And the worst would be yet to come


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