The Gamer

The world a dull place with no place for him
Every game a new bright world with no disasters
He has found fun and joy again

That experience in the game rubs off
The world seems a little brighter, joy has been reloaded
And like an image, it fades

Once it fades its time to play the game again
See the ideal, see everything the real world is not
See violence and death and know that it means nothing

It’s not an escape, it’s a desire for transformation
It’s a desire to take from the game and bring to the world
But at that we are all noobs

Because it is a fountain of our desperation we are passionate
Because it is our last stand we are mighty digital warriors
Because the poets were wrong – all is not fair in love and war
All is fair in a game – that is where we live our freedom

Everyone games, everyone despairs, everyone is lost
Everyone can find a new identity in saturated colors
Everyone can frantically multitask and accomplish much
Everyone realizes they are accomplishing nothing

But in a game there is hope of transformation
A game is no soul-destroying repetitive job
A game is no exploitative corporate behemoth
A game does not cause children to starve
A game does not enslave the world

The hope of gamers, the hope of the world, is in the hands of game developers
It’s in the hands of perpetual adolescents who think they are making trivialities
Their results make it all too difficult to realize hope


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