Why experts are excluded from US war planning

Experts are seen as corrupt by the Neoconservatives. An expert in a foreign country (like Iraq) is seen as being tied to that country and therefore un-American. Capitalists who visit other countries are fine because they have the “right kind” of relationship with the foreigners. Scholars do not. Journalists do not. Scientists do not.

The Neoconservative position is inside-out. They take what is inner to the human (as they see it) and impose that on the outside world. There is no place for the outside-in approach of scholars, journalists, and scientists who examine other people and learn from them.

The Neoconservative position sees the world as corrupt, and the inner world of the right kind of human as the solution. They attempt to remake the world in their own image. They attempt to the be the god of the 21st century for the people of the world. Their methodology is to find people who share their same vision, approach, and ideology (fellow Neocons) and go to war. The enemy is the world. The allies are fellow Neoconservatives.


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