Total Exploitation – Them and You

Everyone in America is the result of exploitation
Good people in America serve an important purpose
To provide a public relations front to the world
Noam Chomsky is the ultimate false-front export
His message is that the American government is so liberal and tolerant that they allow him to speak
Dance, Chomsky, Dance

Who can estimate to what extent America is protected from attack because of the goodness of it’s people?
Who can estimate how the American people are exploited by the elite into providing a voice while the elite provide the silent abuse?
Freedom of Speech is for them to hear flowery nothings while they receive slavery and starvation
It’s for them to smile while their elite are being controlled by Washington
You can say anything you want only so long as your words have little positive impact – once they do more you are silenced
Everything is control. Noam Chomsky is encouraged as a PR mouthpiece unless things get out of the US government’s control
While the elite rules there will always be exploitation

Even if you’re poor in America you’re affluent
The American government is too confident still to allow Americans to starve, although that’s changing fast
Other people receive bomb blasts – you do not
They are raped by multinationals – you are not
They work in sweatshops – you do not
They live a life of large terror and small hopes – now you do
Welcome to the world that your elite created, Americans

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