Just a few points on Mammary wonderkin


Where to begin? Check out that weapon, first off. I’m not even sure it would hurt. It’s bending. It’s thin. It has weird things attached to it that look in no way painful. It’s not even sharp except on the end.

The armor is insane. She’s ostensibly a warrior, according to her pose, and she must really value her left shoulder, because she’s wearing a very heavy and ornate type of gold-leafed plate mail there and no armor anywhere else, unless you count her left hand, where she either has talons for fingers or her fingers are very uncomfortable. In terms of weapons that left hand is likely to be a lot more effective than her “sword”.

The expression on her face is one of being disengaged, which is perhaps logical given the lack of imposition provided by her weapon.

She’s wearing custom-made clothing, so I guess she’s some kind of fashion warrior. Her breasts are extremely unwieldy for a life of combat.

It’s unclear how she plans to defend her lower body. or almost any part of her body for that matter. Perhaps the outthrust claw-hand can scare someone if she’s lucky. Or maybe the whip-sword can entangle someone if she’s very lucky.

While I refer to this example, a great deal of this sort of thing is made along these kind of lines. The idea is to make her a warrior for the “excitement” and to make her mammary-ridiculous for the other kind of excitement. Nevermind that she’s a “warrior” who wouldn’t last two minutes and availability of plastic surgeons or not no warrior-woman would have those breasts. I’ll leave the hyper-styled hair and lip gloss aside, although the vision out of her left eye being largely blocked can’t be helpful.


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