Forget America

“America the Beautiful” is a dead song
It was murdered for profit, thrown in a dumpster
Sing it through the tears, through bitter irony
We remember beauty, our children will not

It’s pleasurable to have hope
Cornel West masturbates but his eyes betray him
He reaches only a few, the monsters reach many
Hope doesn’t have a price so the market cannot buy it

We have only ourselves to blame
We had hundreds of years to make America a democracy
We had hundreds of years to realize a Republic is not a democracy
Even now the ignorance is spread by the “good” people

So now Rome burns, and fools discuss whether fiddling is being done
Few discuss the tragedy of being Rome
Noone discusses the lost war that transformed America into Rome
Noone mentions that the “greatest generation” led this transformation
Romes should always burn to the ground, and the ashes forgotten

Forget places, forget glory, remember only the faces of your neighbors
Join with the people of the world, make plans to build
Create, and love each other, and live together
Defend one another as they come for you
They for whom glory is everything and the people mean nothing


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