The Meaning of Life

I hope you like this poem
I hope you learn a lot
I hope you become a better person
But even if you do
Keep your wallet in your pocket

I don’t want your money
I don’t want your respect
I don’t want your gratitude
I don’t want your fancy words
I don’t want you

All I want is dignity
All I want is to do what I want
All I want is to avoid starvation
To share love, to maybe have a family
To live well, and to live free

Stop honoring garbage times
Stop honoring garbage men
Your choice is not Lennon or Limbaugh
Stop imagining all the people
Start living your own life


2 Responses to “The Meaning of Life”

  1. mad dog Says:

    A terrific poem. Could be used as an anthem for libertarians.

  2. Louise Lewis Says:

    Yes, well said! Even though you don’t want it, here goes: I am grateful that your post reminds people to think for themselves. Thank you!
    Louise Lewis, Author
    “No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!”

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