All you can eat buffet, no weigh
Weigh! 300+ TV channels, a savory delight
The endless supermarket, stocked to the brim
There is abundance everywhere

Don’t go outside, oh no, oh no, please no
Don’t see the dirty grime, don’t see the abandoned playground
Don’t see the angry cop, don’t see the forlorn wanderer
Wait! Marvel of marvels, the videogame! Come back inside

Play, play, dream of transformation, dream of digital hope
Let’s spend the next decade arguing about Grand Theft Auto
Let’s spend the decade after a smear on Tim Leary’s brain
Let’s spend the final decade in a glorious spiral

What’s next? What comes after in-your-face television?
What comes after movies blasting sound, furiously waving?
Surely an experience even more spastic, overwhelming
Surely an event to finally make us forget who we are


3 Responses to “Smörgåsbord”

  1. mad dog Says:

    I think a major problem with America today is the gross lack of personal responsibility. Many of our citizens are overweight, which causes a variety of other physical problems. It has even been shown to increase the cost of health care across the board.

    However, there are many in the mainstream who propose solutions, unfortunately, they are the wrong solutions. There are some who say certain foods should be outlawed. Others make the claim that people should be monitored. These are the solutions of a totalitarian society, regardless of whether or not they call it “progressive”. We must remember some of the worst things in the world have the nicest outward appearances.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    What you’re talking about (which is not what the poem is about) is not a lack of personal responsibility, but one of the outcomes of despair. America is the most violent society in human history with respect to it’s own citizens and all others. The elite have successfully destroyed solidarity, undermine at every turn social services, and the outcomes are as expected. When despair is combined with affluence the result is obesity.

    The solution is democracy and an end to elite rule. That eliminates despair and solves the obesity problem almost overnight.

  3. mad dog Says:

    It certainly is true that there is a link between stress and weight problems.

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