Human, all too Transhuman

Destructive weapons will end all war
In a world a mistake away from annihilation
Where everyone is terrified to strike their neighbor

After we’ve attained eternal peace let’s take the next step in humanity
Since we know so much about humanity
Since we know how to control human biology, and control is everything

Greater than human, better than human
Machines inside us to control our organs, enhance our muscle
Enhance our pleasure, a competitive edge
That’s what evolution is all about, the monsters say

Progress, human progress, scientific progress
Noone asks why – only how, when, and where
The posthuman a celebration – but of what?
Of mechanical function? Of longevity?

We take the human of which we hold little but ignorance
Modify him, alter him, into a state of permanent change
We attempt to control what we don’t understand
And feel pleasure at preventing that understanding


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