On the Neoconservatives as Socialists

This is part of a recent email. It re-iterates my stance on the Neoconservatives although little new information is found here for regular readers of my blog.

The Neoconservatives don’t use socialism, they are merely working in it’s favor, working towards it. Neoliberalism, perpetual war, and the threat of annihilation are their tools. The ultimate result will be armageddon/total enslavement or socialism.

To return to my Rocky example, the best way for a boxer to be knocked out is to keep punching Rocky. Eventually Rocky (the people of the world) gets super-pissed and explodes (socialism). However, the fact that it takes a bunch of punching to get Rocky pissed in the first place means an errant punch and Rocky is knocked out instead (global slavery or armageddon).

The closer the world gets to total slavery, the angrier Rocky gets. Yet the closer to total slavery, the weaker Rocky’s punches get. It’s difficult to see how this will all play out. There’s no fast-forward button on this movie.

As another analogy, take a look at the villain in Hollywood movies, not so much anymore but “old school” movies. The end of the movie features the villain pointing his gun at the hero – it appears to be all over. But then the villain starts some long speech about how great he is or explaining his plan which gives the hero time to do something sneaky or quick-witted and he shoots the villain instead. It’s the same principle – it’s an analysis that the motive of the villain is other than what it appears to be.

The Neoconservatives and those they have influenced are exceptionally bizarre people. Their rhetoric is ridiculous and paper-thin – pretty much everyone hates Bush and Cheney because they are so bad at being the “bad guy”. Clinton is a much better villain because he was actually good at deceiving people. The American people are incredibly angry – even you are angry and I bet no other administration has ever made you this angry. It’s not in the best interest of the government to enrage their people, democracy or not.

When I discovered that the Neoconservatives had been socialists in the 1960s (following Trotsky) everything started falling into place. Their rhetoric is pathetic because the American people are supposed to see through it. Alberto Gonzales is supposed to be mocked. Condoleeza Rice is supposed to make herself look like a fool. Dick Cheney is supposed to be a dark foreboding sinister figure. George Bush is supposed to horribly mangle the English language. These aren’t so much people as they are roles, and the end result is American revolution.

It’s no conspiracy – consciously they think they are acting in the interests of capitalism and polyarchy and all the rest. They’ve fooled everyone, themselves more than any. They are insane – except because they are rulers of the world they can’t be deemed insane just like they can’t be put in jail or even lose their jobs.

You might think this is great news for the left, but really it’s bad news for just about everyone. It’s never a good idea to have a group so incredibly self-deluded in the White House, regardless of what “deep down” position they might hold. Besides – the choice of armageddon, total slavery (under capitalism), or socialism isn’t exactly a version of Russian Roulette that anyone can support, regardless of political position. The only people who are really enjoying themselves nowadays are the religious fundamentalists, in America the Christian fundamentalists who masturbate to images of the rapture and armageddon. Their dreams feature them smiling, immersed in blessed white light, face upturned, leaving the world with a few others while the earth melts and burns into oblivion.


2 Responses to “On the Neoconservatives as Socialists”

  1. Tom Says:

    see video: Peter Wehner Admires Neoconservatives and Lies for Israel

  2. mad dog Says:

    This video is actually more relevant than it first may appear: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFJec5pycJo

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