So strong, so nimble, broad shoulders, laser eyes
Now you’re a superhero – an accidental god
The ladies do adore

Yet think back if you dare, to your pathetic human self
A regular joe, a work-a-day stiff, a loser
How fortunate, that accident, that you could leave humanity behind

Fly, fly, swing from building to building, leap!
Run like the wind, punch out the greatest boxer!
Solve 10 crimes a day, you stud of justice!

Your secret identity, you secret man of mystery
All the humans around you never know
Yet the beautiful woman, should you tell her?
Should you? Oh should you? Oh no, oh maybe?

Those humans around you, they’re only human
You’ve left that behind, you take care of them now
You solve their problems, solve their crimes, solve their humanity
They look up at you, you look down at them

The TV calls you a hero, Hollywood calls you a hero
Surely they would never lie
And so it goes, these ubermensch
Who have happily left humanity behind


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