The Burmese Monks need guns

Self-defense, lethal if necessary, is the end-game of revolution. Those monks better start packing some heat unless they want to get exterminated or subjugated by the State Peace and Development Council.

Non-violent resistance only works against a non-violent state.


8 Responses to “The Burmese Monks need guns”

  1. mad dog Says:

    Now please tell your fellow left-wingers. Especially those idiots who sponsor the brady bill.

  2. mad dog Says:


  3. briankoontz Says:

    The Brady Bill applies only to American citizens. Also – I’m going to assume it’s not so popular after the Bushies came to town. I never hear anyone talking about gun control anymore, unless they mean the control they apply over the gun in their hand as they aim at Cheney.

    Speaking of that, I don’t understand why Americans can kill Lincoln and Kennedy but can’t even manage an attempt on Cheney or Bush. Talk about out-of-whack priorities. Can anyone honestly say there would be citizen outrage if Cheney had his head blown off? The only anger would be that they didn’t get to be the ones to pull the trigger.

  4. mad dog Says:

    You never know who is glancing web pages and blogs nowadays. Say the wrong thing, and one can end up in Guantanamo bay. I have been reading that the FBI is spying on its citizens.

    I know that the brady bill applies only to americans. But gun control seems to be much in vogue in other places. I probably should have worded my second to last comment differently.

  5. briankoontz Says:

    I’m never going to be censored. I’ll fight that to the end. There’s no need to worry about me though… the government bases those actions on the degree of power of the person… the 70 or so views my blog gets per day is a mere fraction of what is required in order for me to even have a chance at being targeted by the government. If I ever get “popular” enough to have that worry I’ll be a part of an organization that will at least offer me some protection along those lines.

  6. mad dog Says:

    Good point.

  7. kevin hayden Says:

    To all those concerned by Burmese people and their plight! I am making calanders of my photos from two months of travelling in Burma, the proceeds of which will go to medicines and education much needed in this beautiful forgotten country. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. I am only one man who wants to make a difference before I fade away.
    It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live with an idea that will die.
    Steve Biko.

  8. briankoontz Says:

    Advice? Well, it’s better not to die, for one thing.

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