Lords of the Land



4 Responses to “Lords of the Land”

  1. mad dog Says:

    This sickens me. I deeply wish that Harry Truman had never even given those Israel lobbyists the time of day, let alone the entire nation of Palestine. To make things worse, this lobby has actually gone out of its way to influence every presidency, various other politicians, even the religious right.

    In addition, Israel is a tightly government controlled state, with numerous security checkpoints, military conscription, prisons with torture and even a decayed economy. I have heard from a friend that Israel has been turned into a desert wasteland, from a relatively fertile subtropical region at one time.

    On top of it all, who pays for this? You and me. You, me and our fellow taxpayers of America. I have once heard that war is the most destructive thing for an economy. After seeing the evidence, there is simply no debate.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    War is certainly not the most destructive thing for the war-sector of the economy, which is enormous in both America and Israel. So one way to solve the economic problem of war is to turn the entire economy into some part of the war machine, just like Israel turns all of its citizens into soldiers with mandatory 3-year enlistment in the armed forces.

    After all, the capitalist response to complaints that Blackwater and similar companies are profiting excessively from the war economy is “Well, why don’t you join them then?” The morality of capitalism is money itself.

  3. mad dog Says:

    Yes, I am aware that the War Sector benefits from war. But that is it. Over the long run, benefits for the War Sector come at the expense of everybody else.

    Now, compare this to the actual productive sectors of the economy. Farming and food benefits everyone else when they are more productive. People get to eat. People need to eat to survive.

    How about the appliance industry? People get ways of cooking that food, storing that food, cleaning utensils, etc.

    Electronics Industry? People get the advantages of easy communication and entertainment. The best thing about electronics is that many of the brightest minds constantly work for it, meaning that it enjoys rapid technological improvement. This blogging software, among numerous other benefits, are a testament to this. Communicating in the ways that we do was unthinkable a mere 15 to 20 years ago.

    But the war industry? They produce things that kill people and destroy buildings, cities and civilizations. When these products get used more, more people die and more things get broken. The War industry is perhaps the ultimate zero-sum game.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    “Everybody else” may not amount to a whole lot. If American foreign policy is any indication, that’s the case right now. 51% of the U.S. government’s budget is spent on the military and the national debt caused by past military spending. That number is unlikely to fall anytime soon.

    The U.S. military doesn’t want to kill people, usually. It wants to control people. Killing people is bad for business, since a corpse can’t consume or be exploited for cheap labor.

    It’s the same in every Empire. The more the “subjects” get “out of control”, the more they need to be “taught their place” and the more force needs to be used. The fall of every Empire is preceded by a large military buildup, expenditure, and use. However, there might be an ace in the hole this time. If the American government can establish it’s space-based weapons program, which is fairly close to being realized, it could change everything.




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