The American war economy

Economies are such wonderful things. Take the American multinational war economy for example. Bombs, guns, missiles, and deployment units (tanks, planes) are needed to destroy a country. So the government uses billions of dollars in taxpayer money to buy those things from private American corporations. Then after those things are used there’s a need for “reconstruction”, which means other private American corporations (engineering, construction, electrical, plumbing, etc.) are given billions in taxpayer money. By that time more weapons are purchased to destroy other things, more “reconstruction” is issued, and on and on. There’s no need to worry about running out of things to destroy, because enough will be rebuilt during the destruction that the government can go back to what it previously destroyed and redestroy it. And then they can rereconstruct it. This process doesn’t even end after the taxpayer money runs out, although it takes most of the fun out of it. Whether it be the “missing” $9 Billion in Iraq or the economic “opportunities” exploited by the CIA in their Iranian operations, funding will continue. It only truly ends when the American people seize control of the American government, imprison the monstrosities who run it, and install a democratic society in America.

Bankrupting America is such a glorious good time. It’s like one of Bush’s frat parties without the alcohol but with twice the hookers.

Just remember some of the big “success” stories in America – Blackwater for example, or Halliburton. What great capitalists they are. If only the American people could be more like them instead of the pathetic losers they are who hold such silly, irrelevant concepts like compassion and justice. We Make Our Reality!!

Yay for big money and the people who “make” it!


2 Responses to “The American war economy”

  1. Jesper Says:

    Right on man. I need to post something on my blog about that.


    Read my blog at:

  2. briankoontz Says:

    Americans are cowed possibly, fearful likely, ignorant certainly, provincial definitely. They are not, however, stupid. Theirs is an intentional ignorance designed to keep them fat and happy no matter how much the world may suffer for it. Americans are deluded, schizophrenic, and sociopathic.

    Like any creature living in a cocoon filled with their own happy fantasies, they lashed out in infinite rage following the cocoon-tear of the 9/11 tragedy, but this was no righteous rage, it was the tantrum of a petulant child who cannot stand the concept of his own correction.

    According to America, America is never wrong. The world is thus only blessed when it models itself after this city on the hill. If the world is not wise enough to see the light, it will be shown the light. Perhaps, ultimately, shown the end-flash of a nuclear detonation, after decades of social and economic enslavement at the point of a gun and enforced by “law”.

    No matter what’s on the menu of choices for America, it’s government always orders the Bombs. A tasty treat for any season.

    When will the metamorphosis of Americans from a pre-birth cocooned state to adulthood be complete? When will Americans leave their fantasies and join the world?

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