On Neofascism and the end of the American Empire

It’s kind of funny, darkly so, in retrospect. During the 1980s (and before) the concept of Fascism was always one of totalitarianism, of a highly centralized and repressive State. It took three decades to pass after Neoconservatism and Neoliberalism began in full force in 1973 for a new concept of Fascism to fully emerge.

The number of corporate soldiers, aka mercenaries, aka “private security forces” employed by the US government in Iraq now outnumbers the number of state soldiers. Even if the cowed American public is appeased by a “pullout of American troops” there will still be 180,000 corporate soldiers left in Iraq, or probably more by that time. This is even more efficient from the standpoint of a transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the corporate elite, since corporate soldiers are paid five times the rate of state soldiers. Furthermore, continued covert operations inside Iran will generate more black money to go along with the $9 Billion already “lost” in Iraq, allowing the executive branch to continue spending in the Middle East regardless of a possible Congressional revolt against further war funding (not that that seems likely anytime soon with the puppet congress controlled by corporate lobbies).

This new face of fascism does not wear the colors of the State, does not salute the Supreme Leader. It knows only the color of money, and it finds an endless fountain, an eternal shower, in the arms of the State. As the homeland is starved out it eventually revolts, and more and more laws are necessary to prevent any revolution from being successful (there’s a new law that outlaws any ideology along those lines, even if no plans have been made). More arrests will be made, more jail cells filled and more constructed, more poverty, further deterioration of all social services, a decline in education, a permanent depression in both the domestic and world economy. World violence will grow, the American Empire will get more aggressive, more fearful, more alienated from the world, until massive destruction finally brings the whole process to an end. In a sense Iran doesn’t even matter. If Iran isn’t the end the next war will be, or the one after that. It won’t be long.

On the way more Americans will wake up to the fact that there is no going back – there is no more American Republic. After the brutality of the Empire meets it’s equally brutal end a shattered country will limp into democracy. Solidarity will arise from the ashes, new dreams will be formed.

What I don’t understand, what I really don’t understand, maybe you can explain it, is why there wasn’t tremendous resistance against Neoconservatism and Neofascism? Why wasn’t there tremendous resistance against the privatization of public spaces, against free market fundamentalism, against think-tank machinations, against deregulation, against the outsourcing of government functions to corporations? Why aren’t there worker cooperatives in America? Why isn’t nearly everyone in a massive grassroots political organization that enforces democracy? Why do people feed themselves propaganda issued by their television and newspaper instead of feeding the “leaders” their demands backed up by utter popular force? Why is the resistance only growing now, instead of 30 years ago? What happened to the Baby Boomers?

The timeline is known – the culprits are known. The American Empire began after World War II, and Neoconservatism began in full in 1973. You know what I find funny, in this pathetic collection of American Myths that comprises the “truth”? The “greatest generation” was the very generation to usher in the American Empire, ahd the Baby Boomers ushered in Neoconservatism, the two worst things in all of American history. And the American Empire was preceded by the ode to Fascism otherwise known as the 1930s in America. What’s so fucking great about any of this? Meanwhile, the current generation is too busy with their iPods and cell phones to care about the world, or worse yet, they care about the world only insofar as they can make a Youtube video out of it. Apparently the logic is if they are “doing” five things at one time they don’t have to actually do anything.

Fuck “better late than never”. It should be “better now than later”. It should have been that 30 years ago.


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