Overcoming Zionism



2 Responses to “Overcoming Zionism”

  1. Maria Says:

    What kind of a demonization of the term ‘Zionism’… which actually means: the right to return to it’s historic roots (Save it!, you will not brainwash me into “believing” that the Arabs that call themselves since the 1960s as “palestinians” are more than 3 generations in the historic Land of the Jews… or that I should not keep in mind all the racist attacks from Arabs on Jews before the Zionists ReEstablished their rightful homeland, such as the attacks in the holyland: 1838 Safed, 1883, 1886 Petach Tikva, 1920-21 Jerusalem, 1929 Hebron, et.) is that “overcoming”? as if it’s some kind of a “threat”…

    Well of course Arabists and Islamists blame “neoconservatiism” on the “zkonists”, then again, Arab Muslims blame the entire global war on Islamic-Jihad [ http://TheReligionOfPeace.com ] on their victims, the Zionists victims.

    Maybe you should OVERCOME your anti-Zionist bigotry which denies the Jews ANY right to their homeland, that is therefore indirectly supporting ‘palestinian’-Hamas, Mahmoud EichmanJihad, Hezbullah platform for GENOCIDE on the Jews (‘wiping off map’, push them all to the sea, you name it).

  2. briankoontz Says:

    The Zionist movement is one to establish and perpetuate a Jewish state. That’s what Zionism was prior to 1948. Subsequently it’s been about perpetuating and expanding the state of Israel as it is currently configured.

    I don’t have much history with this issue, so I have no established position. Neoconservatism is a separate matter. I would prefer a 2-state solution except for the fact that the region is so dominated by Israeli military forces with American weaponry that no state is available to the Palestinians under any expected treaty. That’s why there is a growing interest in a 1-state solution, which is the solution opposed by those who favor the current policy of the Israeli government, which is repression, removal, and if necessary extermination of the Palestinians.

    I don’t like a 1-state solution because the Jewish people (the majority, anyway) favor a 2-state solution, but the Israeli governments over the years have fucked up that option so it’s off the table. The current options are either a 1-state solution or a slow starvation and extermination of the Palestinians. Their own slow-motion Holocaust.

    In America we have basically the same situation. Our government has fucked up the Republic and is running an Empire. We want a Republic (well, actually I want a democracy, but a lot of people seem to want a Republic anyway) but it’s probably never going to happen again in America. The Israeli people want a 2-state settlement but it’s probably never going to happen due to the actions of the Israeli government. Everyone needs to face reality and form a solution.

    A 1-state solution needs to be debated, because nobody, certainly not me, understands all of the repercussions. A lot of Jews, in Israel and otherwise, like the idea of a Jewish state. I don’t know whether that’s Racist or not, but there it is. Historically, there is certainly a case for having a Jewish state. But whether non-Jews are expelled from the state or not, Jews still need to get along with their neighbors. The idea of a Jewish state is the conception that states don’t need to get along with each other, which is one doomed to fail and forms the basis for the volatility of the Middle East (that and all of it’s oil). Only peace results in security, which is what the Israeli people want. According to the actions of the Israeli government security only occurs after all threats to the Israeli state are terminated, which of course is a recipe for perpetual war, which is exactly the condition that the Jewish state has existed under for most of its life.

    So ultimately the question is how do Jews and Arabs get along? If this question is not answered the Israeli government will pursue the annihilation of Arabs until such time as they themselves are annihilated, which may be rapidly approaching.

    The best way to get along is the same way everyone else who is different from one another gets along – make universal laws and apply those laws equally to all people. If a 1-state settlement is reached, the laws that currently favor Jews must end.

    Jews believe the world hates them. They believe the only people that don’t hate them are other Jews (and even then they believe there are plenty of exceptions). This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s an emotional stance that always results in violence, since it paints the world in such a way that it can’t escape. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Let’s take the Jewish holocaust of World War II. Jews were a convenient minority. Blacks used to be the convenient minority in America, now it’s becoming the Mexicans. If Blacks were in Germany in World War II they would have been the ones gassed to death in the concentration camps. Nobody hates the Jews. War isn’t about hate, it’s about theft and subjugation. Minorities are merely a convenient thing to steal from and enslave. That’s why ALL minorities throughout history are oppressed, regardless of ethnicity or religion or anything else. That’s why democracy must occur, so minorities are no longer oppressed.

    This, in turn, is a good argument for a Jewish state, so that Jews exist within a political entity in which they are not a minority. I love the idea of a Jewish state if that state was an island such that other people didn’t have to work there and live there. But the problem with the real world, as opposed to the world of Zionist fantasy, is that humans interact with each other, they intermingle, they have conversations, they form relationships, sometimes they live together. I know, crazy isn’t it! But the concept of a Jewish state is precisely that it’s a JEWISH state, not a state with most Jews and others. So any “others” that happen to live there are going to be oppressed due to the very definition of the state itself and all of the laws that logically follow from such a definition.

    The conception of a Jewish state is doomed to fail. It’s like the Boy in the Bubble. One can’t live inside a bubble and ultimately Jews must learn to live in the world, not in their own Bubble where they face the world only at the end of a gun.

    Democracy is the solution for the Jewish people as well as all other minorities and in fact, all other people. The state of Israel should not ally itself with the American government, for any such alliance with an Empire will doom it’s people to the necessary Imperial spiral of death.

    It is not too late, but just as the American people need to revolt against it’s government so too the Israeli people need to revolt against theirs. They too are in a race against time. Perhaps it’s the same race as ours.

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