The Empire loves resistance

One of the most unfortunate myths expressed by the dissident left in America is that the American Empire wants subjugation. The problem with subjugation is that it leads to peace. Setting up a world of freedom is much better, because these “lovers of freedom” will need guns to fight with and will need to have bombs land on them in order for them to “cease their terrorism”.

The subjugation of the world is a terrible outcome for the Empire because then no more bombs and guns will need to be manufactured. It’s much better for the Empire to fight incompetently and to ally itself with the dissidents who want freedom for the world. Permanent War is the goal.

Who better than Noam Chomsky to serve as this ally, who writhes with indignation at the Empire and urges freedom for all. So, indeed, the cry for freedom goes up around the world, guns are taken up against America, many of them manufactured in America, and then the Empire drops it’s bombs. For every bomb dropped, one is manufactured to take it’s place.

The solution of course is to dismantle the American Empire. The Permanent War machine must be stopped.


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