Why aren’t we allowed to express unhappiness?

I’m a very unhappy person. The list of reasons is not exactly short. Most Americans are very much like myself in many regards, except they are smiling. They smile all the time. Furthermore, Americans smile much more than any other people. Furthermore, after exposure to Hollywood other people, especially Europeans, smile much more than they used to (not nearly up to American standards though). This incessant smiling does not extend to cultures not affected by America.

There is an obvious discrepancy between the state of America and the state of the faces of Americans. This makes it seem as if Americans are schizophrenic. Reality on the one hand, the expression on their faces on the other.

I sense that once Americans begin to frown, America will begin to improve. Once Americans let their reality extend to the reality they want to project to the world they’ll begin to find their strength.

Why has noone answered the question of why Americans much more than any other people in human history want to project a smile to the world? Look at Ronald McDonald. Mickey Mouse. BIG-ASS fucking smiles. George W. Bush grins all the time. It’s a condescending leer/grin rather than the maniacal giddiness of the other two, but it’s still a smile.

American culture at this point may in fact be insane. Maybe it always was.


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