Class Divide and Class Reality

What separates the Middle Class from the Lower Class is a simple psychological-economic reality formed by the question: “Is there a struggle to survive?” It’s important to note that this is not purely an economic reality. Oppressed people know from the beginning they will be struggling to survive which forms their psychological and behavioral reality, irrevocably forming it. This is why blacks in America have a higher rate of criminality even above-and-beyond their material status – they have no illusions of escaping from poverty by means of playing by the rules.

This is the logical link between the Lower Class and a subset of the Criminal Class (the disorganized criminal class). It’s curious that the judicial system deems it acceptable to defend oneself against physical attack, even using lethal force, yet defending against poverty by means of theft is deemed unacceptable. Apparently the writers of our laws don’t need to defend against poverty.

“It’s ok to fight man, just don’t bother fighting poverty. Oh, and that homeless guy? Kick the crap out of him on general principle”.

America is moving toward a reality where we’ll have the “freedom” to die of starvation. Our neoconservative “leader”, whether Giuliani or Clinton or otherwise may call it Liberation. Well, I guess food is being liberated from their mouths.

Free the Chicken Tender!


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