The myth of insanity

There is no such thing as insanity since there is no unitary “proper” function of the mind. The biggest cause of what people call insanity is ambition. For example, a person who does not speak yet physically can may simply be waiting for a world in which his words become worthwhile. By not speaking he is alerting others to this need – it’s his form of communication. Ambition often requires the sacrifice of many things, it is a peculiarly human form of cruelty. Insanity is a celebration of the dreamed world that the mind is unable to fully realize. Relatively successful applications of insanity are called “great art” but even this form of success is highly limited. Only the insane hold out the possibility of true success – every artist is a sell-out.

Society is a cage. Society is tyrannical. It requires that everything be in a particular place, set just so. Enforcing this are both judicial laws and social laws. Insanity is a method of freeing oneself. The other method is suicide.

Take a close look at people deemed “insane”. If you’re honest and can look past your discomfort what you’ll find is that these people have very strong wills. You’ll never know why this is the case if you believe in the myth of “mental disorder”.

Insane people are locked up not for their own good, but for the lesser humans to not have to be shamed by them. It’s the same reason blacks are locked up in America and third world people are oppressed and/or ignored – the rulers of the world only see what is formed in their image.

It’s not so much that insane people have “ordered” or “disordered” minds as that unlike the rulers they don’t have a calculated cynicism about the state of their mind. Since they don’t want to control people they have no need to form their mind into some predefined “order” that will lead them to “success” in society. Unlike the rest of us their minds are truly their own. For achieving that freedom they must be punished. “Mental institutions” are one tool of such punishment. Social banishment is the most common.


4 Responses to “The myth of insanity”

  1. Pope of the Church of Capitalism Says:

    Doesn’t this contradict your earlier claim that “The Elite Are Insane”?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    I don’t see how that could be true.

    The elite are insane in the sense of destructive irrationality, such as threatening the world with nuclear annihilation and utter enslavement and poverty and only restraining themselves insofar as more and more wealth is put into their hands. The elite are almost never called insane because they themselves define the meaning of “success”, which of course is represented in their own image.

    The people called insane and put into asylums are living the burden of their dreams. These people put their dreams and all the ambition that entails before everything else in the world so of course their behavior is deemed ridiculous and not understood by others. Most people live in society with all the regimentation, structure, and bonding that requires. The “insane” are outside all of that.

    A subset of the elite are actually insane, but they’ll never be imprisoned for it because their type of insanity is embraced by the society they control. It’s the same reason George W. Bush kills a million people and doesn’t even lose his job while someone who smokes a joint goes to jail.

    The rest of the elite are deluded, nearly hopelessly so. They’ve sold out their ability to be conscious of truth for wealth and power.

    The people called “insane” are not insane. They are just purists who consciously live outside society and hence are punished by society. Society honors the monsters who threaten the world with nuclear annihilation while amassing unlimited wealth and dishonors the people who want no part of it. How ironic that this same society believes it can dispense “justice”.

    I personally don’t like the “insane” because I tremendously value conversation and the “insane” are terrible conversationalists. Come to think of it, so are the elite. If you don’t believe me try having a meaningful conversation with Dick Cheney, or analyze any of the public conversations he has if you somehow can’t get access to him. Now compare that to a conversation with someone from an asylum in terms of the quality of the discussion.

    There’s a direct link between the elite and the “insane”, as the “insane” people desire to be outside society primarily because they despise society. And the machinations and monstrosities of elite rule cause their condemnation. So a world without an elite class also has very little or no “insane” segment, and if indeed the world becomes further and further impoverished and despairing the amount of “insane” people will increase as more people turn away from society.

  3. mad dog Says:

    First you say that the elite are insane, now you say that insanity is a myth. How is that NOT contradictory?

  4. briankoontz Says:

    There’s the myth of insanity and then there’s the real thing insanity. These are two different things.

    The real thing insanity is “destructive irrationality”. A subset of the people in insane asylums are actually insane – that is to say they have lost artistic control of their dreams and terrors to such an extent that they no longer pursue those dreams. They are living in the nightmare aftermath and are doomed. It’s difficult for me to say what percentage of the “insane” are truly insane. It’s probably small, if for no other reason than I suspect most people who lose control of their dreams commit suicide. That’s an unfounded theory though.

    A good example of true insanity in the modern world is killing one million people to make a few multinational corporations somewhat wealthier. When people exclaim “that’s fucking crazy!” they don’t know how right they are. Another example of insanity is when Kennedy and Khrushchev took the world to within one word of nuclear annihilation in a power play. Compared to insanity on this level anyone in an insane asylum is small-time.

    Think about the way the American media portrays people the American government tells them to hate. They called Saddam Hussein a “mad dictator”. They aren’t entirely wrong, but they have the degree all messed up. Compare the worst atrocities of Saddam Hussein to a standoff one word away from world annihilation to see just who the most “mad” people in this world really are. A comparison between the insanity of Hussein with that of Cheney would not go well for Cheney.

    “Destructive irrationality” covers a wide range. The corporate version of insanity is nothing like the artistic version. Both, however, are terrible tragedies that wreak destruction. The artistic version is kind enough to limit most of the destruction to a single human. John F. Kennedy was not so generous as to check himself into Bellevue and the world almost paid the ultimate price.

    Dick Cheney needs professional help. George W. Bush needs professional help. Paul Wolfowitz needs professional help. Saddam Hussein needed professional help. Bin Laden is sane as far as I can tell, but he’s a dumbass who needs new advisors. He’s getting smarter though.

    We need to stop drinking the nonsense swill the elite gives us and start thinking for ourselves. Literally, before it’s too late.

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