On some problems of prostitution

Liberal culture teaches us that nothing is wrong. Liberal culture is wrong. There are severe problems with prostitution.

#1: Pretending the prostitute is someone else. A prostitute is treated as an object not of sex as naive people believe, but of love. Since there’s no emotional investment in the prostitute the client is free to pretend this person to be someone else. Furthermore, this is never done only after receiving permission from the prostitute. It is incorrect to say the prostitute only knows this is happening when the client talks about it. The fantasy of ownership leads the client to emotional coldness. Ownership is never having to say you’re sorry. On a side note, people who want to own the world desire so so that they will no longer be expected to care about the world. Private reality removes the owned thing from public reality with public concern for it. Ownership creates a shadow world with all the expected results.

#2: During orgasm people release a chemical called oxytonin which facilitates emotional bonding with the sex partner. During normal sex in a committed relationship this is beneficial (assuming monogamy is beneficial). Prostitutes however see a need to repress their own orgasms with a client since it’s better emotionally for them to not bond (given how perilous it would be to form so many such bonds). They may not realize why they are repressing their orgasms and rationalize it in some other way, causing emotional distress. This is particularly cruel to male prostitutes since it is impossible for them to repress their orgasms.


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