The steps of theft and subjugation in the “War on Terror”

#1: Say you are liberating a people.

#2: Bomb said people, say you are “fighting the terrorists”.

#3: Anger said people.

#4: Send in ground troops, bring them “freedom and democracy”, kill many of them.

#5: The people begin a popular nationalist resistance against the “bringers of democracy and freedom”.

#6: Call everyone who fights against you an insurgent, they all become the enemy.

#7: Kill the enemy. If there is any doubt about who the enemy is, kill or imprison and torture them. Given that you are calling patriots terrorists and otherwise abusing truth, there will always be doubt.

#8: Call the process “liberation”. Say it’s going well. It’s always going well.

#9: Re-write the laws. Control the people. Initiate corporate multinational takeover of the economy. Establish a puppet regime.

#10: Move to the next country. Rinse and repeat.


2 Responses to “The steps of theft and subjugation in the “War on Terror””

  1. Pope of the Church of Capitalism Says:

    This is one of your finer moments.

  2. briankoontz Says:

    No it’s not. It’s pretty boring. I can list some of my fine moments if you want a comparison.

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