The reason for derogatory terms

It’s not that people hate other people. Most people don’t care about other people. The point of derogatory terms is to make it easier to hurt other people. That’s why derogatory terms come to the forefront during wars. Japs, Kooks, Sand Niggers, Chinks, Gooks, Dagos, Kikes.

Most people only care about other people during wars. They care about them insofar as they want to kill and abuse them. Once the war is over and they return to a state of not caring the derogatory names are no longer necessary.

The war against black people in the United States is never over and therefore derogatory terms such as “nigger” are in continuous use. Again, it’s not about hate. It’s just that when one beats someone or kills them it’s a lot easier on their conscience to call them “nigger” than “John”. “Nigger” makes the violence much easier. If you wonder what the point of beating someone is when you don’t hate them, again I refer you to war. War is about theft and subjugation. It’s about control of people and the subsequent profiting from the subjugation.

Beating or killing someone is not necessary as long as they are enslaved, since the point of the beating and killing is enslavement.

The phrase “America goes to war to protect it’s way of life” is actually fairly close to accurate. It goes to war to produce and protect it’s economic enslavement of the world.

The concept of “hate crime” is kind of ridiculous. It’s a war crime. War is not about hate, it’s about subjugation. Hate is merely the most convenient emotion to produce that subjugation. Hate is not an underlying reality, it’s a convenient device.

This is why white people can indeed get along with black people, as long as black people are enslaved. As long as they don’t get uppity white people can call them all kinds of impressive names, like “John” and “Latisha”. But once black people take equality seriously suddenly they are threatened, beaten, intimidated. If they don’t return to a state of subjugation subsequently they are upgraded to “nigger” and the war takes a more active form. Jena, Louisiana provides a clear example of this. When the blacks were subjugated they were “respected” by whites. Then when the blacks stood beneath the “white tree” they were “niggerized” and the nooses came out.

There is nothing inherent in any of this. But the American system is founded on and relies on White Supremacy and it will defend that notion to the last.

It’s not hate that we need to get rid of in America, it’s subjugation and inequality.


One Response to “The reason for derogatory terms”

  1. Pope of the Church of Capitalism Says:

    The idea of “Hate Crimes” is indeed ridiculous. They should call it what it really is: ‘Thought Crime’.

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