The Future of American Imperial Warfare


“Pentagon war-fighting doctrine, he notes, “is being reshaped accordingly to support a low-intensity world war of unlimited duration against criminalized segments of the urban poor.”

This is Cohen’s “War of Terror”. This will occur with ongoing and probably accelerating torture, that’s a given.

“It was vigorously marketing a hand-launched, low-flying UAV so light that it resembled nothing more than a large, plastic toy water rocket with miniature helicopter rotors. The company envisions a profitably privacy-free future in which urban zones are besieged by “swarms” of such small UAVs that not only peek into city windows, but even invade homes. According to a company spokesman, “You could really blanket a ground area with as many UAVs as you want…. penetrate structures, see through a window or even break a window,” in order to fly inside a house or apartment and troll around.”

One message stands out from this piece – the military doesn’t mind not killing you as long as it can control you. This is called “saving lives”. It’s obviously not called saving freedom. Freedom is the enemy of every imperial military.

“Needed in the future, they generally agreed, were technologies that could target whole crowds at once — not just rioters but even those simply attending “demonstrations that could go violent.”

“The only thing not evidently open to discussion was the basic wisdom of planning to occupy foreign cities for a century to come. Even among the most thoughtful of these often brainy participants, there wasn’t a nod toward, or a question asked of, the essential guiding principle of the conference itself.”

Their brainwashing is, after all, complete.


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