Biggest social problems in Mishawaka, IN

I imagine the situation is similar in most other places in America.

Poverty – material, intellectual, moral. Poverty is the biggest obstacle to solving all social problems. It’s a control mechanism – an impoverished people cannot fight back against oppression nearly as effectively.

Privatization – lack of civic organizations, isolation (aided by technology).

Domestic abuse

Corporate control – one example is the rampant sexism and racism in corporations. At Best Buy the janitors and floor cleaners are all hispanic, females are ushered into departments that pay less, males find it easier to be promoted. Another example is the propaganda issued daily from corporate headquarters to managers to workers which indoctrinates everyone in the system into the corporate way.


5 Responses to “Biggest social problems in Mishawaka, IN”

  1. Pope of the Church of Capitalism Says:

    “Poverty – ” What do you think is the cause of it?

    “Privatization – lack of civic organizations, isolation (aided by technology).”

    Could you give some examples?

    “Domestic abuse”

    Actually, this is a problem in a lot of places.

    “Corporate control – ” … “At Best Buy the janitors and floor cleaners are all hispanic, females are ushered into departments that pay less”

    Would you prefer that those women and hispanics have NO jobs?

  2. briankoontz Says:

    “Corporate control – ” … “At Best Buy the janitors and floor cleaners are all hispanic, females are ushered into departments that pay less”

    “Would you prefer that those women and hispanics have NO jobs?”

    Here’s what happened at the Best Buy where I worked in my department, Computers.

    Over the 5.5 years I worked in computers, we had a total of 4 female employees (never more than 1 at a time). Over that time we had maybe 100 male employees. Of the 4 female employees, all were decent workers. They were on par with male employees. Yet because of the corporate culture at every level (both management and worker) they were pressured. There wasn’t any direct sexual harrassment that I witnessed, but they were treated differently and somewhat coldly by the other workers, as if they didn’t belong there. It’s the same experience females have in much of corporate America, I suspect. Computers and Home Theater were the best paying sales departments. The Media department was the worst paying sales deparment, it wasn’t even considered a sales department in the normal sense of the word, and not coincidentally that was where management and workers alike sent women. They were treated normally there. Computers and Home Theater had the most sexism of any department. Home Theater at times was truly ridiculous.

    This is a typical case of sexual discrimination. Best Buy should be sued but the problem with lawsuits I suspect is that “culture” which is one of the primary culprits isn’t deemed to be the responsibility of the company. And in all fairness, the sexist corporate culture is so pervasive that even I felt some of the effects, and it’s generated by both managers and workers. Everyone is a perpetrator, even the very women who are also victims. But if culture can be the target of lawsuits then you’d better believe the culture would change.

    The issue with race is even more extreme. As you’re probably aware, sales is largely about rapport. The less favorable a race is to the customer base, the more difficult it is for any salesman of that race to have success and either be hired in the first place or to keep his job as a salesman. I was surprised to find that the Best Buy customer base in a Nascar-friendly town like this one is reasonably open-minded, but there were still some ugly scenes and a lot of the normal kind of racism, a kind of coldness that shows that person is not welcoming of “that kind of person”.

  3. briankoontz Says:

    “Domestic abuse”

    “Actually, this is a problem in a lot of places.”

    Yep. It’s both a national issue and a global issue. It’s also a much more complex problem than most analysts realize. I suspect that “merely” creating a democratic world will get rid of 90% or more of all domestic abuse, however.

  4. briankoontz Says:

    ““Poverty – ” What do you think is the cause of it?”

    There are plenty of causes. The leading cause of global poverty is neoliberalism. This is also the leading cause of poverty in America.

    I’m hoping to do a research project to compare the number of people living in material poverty today with the number living in poverty 100 years ago, and 200 years ago, and maybe farther back. The propaganda issued from the American elite tells us that the free market ends poverty, which is clearly bullshit since free market policies are all over the globe and 16,400 children die each day from poverty. But I’d be interested in comparing the world of today with past worlds in terms of death by poverty.

    Also, poor countries get invaded a lot and their people killed, so the 16,400 number would be even higher if populations weren’t violently reduced on a regular basis.

    It goes without saying that global poverty could be easily and permanently ended with a fraction of the amount of money the United States spends on it’s military to subjugate the world. But there’s no need to bore you with facts you already know.

  5. briankoontz Says:

    “Privatization – lack of civic organizations, isolation (aided by technology).”

    “Could you give some examples?”

    Of the lack of civic organizations or the isolation (aided by technology)? I’ll assume both.

    Civic organizations are local groups (physical, not internet) that serve the public and have the public as their focus. Political groups are often civic since they want to improve peoples’ lives. Community groups which solve community issues are another. Civic organizations can also be recreational such as Bridge Clubs.

    There is a terrible lack of such organizations where I live. There are zero political organizations not affiliated with the Democratic or Republican parties, for example.

    As far as the isolation, aided by technology, I gave a perfect example on Qt3, where I tried to talk to a guy and he had to disengage himself from several electronic devices (Blackberry, IPod, wireless headset, maybe more) before he could speak. I was literally waiting there a minute while he went through this process before he could talk to a human. This guy is a symbol of the nightmare reality that could be the future of America.

    This was an unusual example though, so unusual it’s only happened once to me in my life. The normal form of technological isolation is when someone comes home after a 9-5 workday and sits in front of the television for 5 hours before going to bed. Think about the political difference between doing that and spending five hours engaged in a civic organization that solves some local or national problem, such as the lack of democracy in America.

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